Xbox Patch (15.01.2020) - Post-Mounts Parity Patch: Movement tweaks, exploit fixes and more

Greetings Exiles!

We’re releasing a new patch that brings all platforms to the same version. This includes tweaks to the momentum-based movement based on community feedback, fixes to critical issues that arose from the December update, many exploit fixes and some other general and balancing changes previously released for PC.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience, and here’s to an amazing 2020!



  • Fixed a number of platform specific crashing instances.


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to dismantle the Stables for the wrong amount of resources.
  • Fixed an undermesh exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move another player.
  • Fixed some situations in which it would be possible to refill arrow stacks with different stat values.


  • Fixed an issue where armor penetration on bows and arrows would stack incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accuracy 40 perk worked for NPCs but not for players.


  • Fixed an issue where pet levels could reset after dedicated server restart.
  • Decreased thrall damage output.
  • Thralls and pets would on some instances lose their progress on a server restart. This should now be fixed.


  • Increased the Demon-Fire Barrage damage for buildings by about 40%
  • Decreased stone requirement for Siege Boulder recipe from 250 to 150 stone.


  • Fixed an issue where health regeneration was giving too much health points per tick.
  • Fixed an issue where logging in, other mounted nearby players could have a desynched relative location to their mounts.
  • Fixed an issue where character customization options would reset (temporarily) to default while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s breath bar would drain when on a mount in water.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain thralls to be locked to a certain growth rate.
  • Fixed an issue regarding sprinting mode not toggling off automatically when the mount stops.


  • Removed spawnpoints for foals from near the starting river. Foals still exist in other places on the map.


  • Tweaked player movement acceleration based on community feedback.
  • Fixed an issue where using swords while mounted could stutter animations.
  • Fixed an issue where walking backwards while mounted would affect the weapon attack animation and the mount walking direction.


  • Fixed an issue with stretched paperdoll models in inventory and stats menu.


When PS4?


Finally we can enjoy pvp! Thank you

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holy guys it’s unacceptable that we have yet another update AND NO CRAFTING FOLDERS!!!
Please devs this is getting to be to much, your crafting menu size is liturally a slap in the face to dlcs owners, scrolling thru it is the worst.


We received the update, but it changed nothing, the arrows keep 100% penetration and our enemies still have a undermesh base, inside Tyro’s Passage. You guys made a update and didnt correct nothing, who already have the base under the structure wont lose the base or receive any punishment? Please do something about that, we already sent pictures, names, videos everything about it and nothing was done about it, how can we play a game that who plays in a wrong way through glitchs can still playing and annoying others players that play on the correct way? That situation is embarassing.


Ainda dá pra fazer o glitch de upar as flechas para 100% de perfuração. O clan, já anteriormente denunciado, ainda tem sua base construída irregularmente dentro da torre da Passagem de Tyrus.

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this game is getting irrelevant on xbox because non stop crashing and laggg…


I really wish you’d give us some notice before an update. I’m a schoolteacher and schools are closed today because it’s -31 degrees Celsius. I slept in until 11am and awoke to play Conan all day, but now I have to wait for a two-hour download. I guess I’ll just watch the trial of that president down south until the game is ready for me.

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Sr lerox es usted muy gracioso al desir que juegan en forma correcta quiere que le refresque la memoria subiendo videos del su personaje saltando alto con bug y asi destruyendo base de elite-arg en server 2995 y su amigo caipira teniendo base dentro de estructura en server 2985 les informo que son una verguenza de jugadores manifestando jugar de forma correcta cuando los tramposos son ustedes o digame usted y su clan tienen permitido hacer trampa y los demas tenemos que soportar ? usted es muy gracioso

usted es caippira del bug dentro de estructura en server 2985 ? es usted muy gracioso sr caipira

Decreased thrall damage output?! :confused:

Fui raidado, nem tenho mais base. E não era uma base indestrutível . No seu caso, cheeto442, sua base é indestrutível, bugada, na fraude,na trapaça. Eles já tem suas gametags, e vão tomar providências com todas as provas que já mandamos para eles. Grava esse dia e põe no seu canal no youtbe! “o dia que cheeto100% trapaciou no conan”

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I own both the PC-version and the Xbox-version. The PC-version lets you use a SEARCH box for ALL crafting. I really wish they would enable that feature on the Xbox platform. It is as easy as searching the list of FEATS on the Xbox.

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Funcom i really wish with the admin server reset that you would give us maybe 30 minutes to an hours notice instead of just a ten and five minute notice. when another player and i got the notice last night around 10pm my time, we were at least 30 or so minutes inside the freaking volcano chasing the obsidian recipe! i cant log back in until after work today and though we tried to find a safe place for our bodies im freaking out that we will not have survived as we were near serpentmen! add to that, that due to the update we couldn’t get back on straight away to safeguard ourselves…my internet is slow with conan sized updates…as i type now conan is updated but i don’t have time before work this morning to log in and rescue my person.

please all i ask is maybe increase the reset timer from ten minutes to maybe thirty minutes to an hours notice? that way players in perilous situations have a better chance to get to safety?

meanwhile im off to work now, Funcom i really hope that you at least consider this issue.

UnbreakableMare server 2947 official.

No, i didn’t used any glitch to get up in your base on 2995, i wont tell you how we destroyed you before your undermeshed base, but it was on a legit form that u probably didn’t noticed when was wiped, u are weak and camnot fight against my tribe so you had to go to a glitched base to not be wiped. You can wait Cheetah, funcom already has your names, videos of your entire base, your days on conan are nearly to the end, you dont know how to play conan anymore.

The glitch of the arrows dont work anymore but the packs that were with 100% penetration still here, and you can stack others arrows of the same type and make then all 100 arrows with 100% penetration.

I wish they would let you sort AND filter like they do in inventory

To be fair, as far as the patch earring goes, it’s pretty much out of their hands. They can tell us when they pass it to Microsoft, but after that it’s just waiting on approval and as soon as it is they ship it out to us. Giving a longer notice would just mean delaying the patch (if that’s even possible) and I’m sure if they did that they would get a whole other set of complaints.