Xbox Patch (15.01.2020) - Post-Mounts Parity Patch: Movement tweaks, exploit fixes and more

a folder system would be even better xD

Hahahhahaha. no.

Join the “Already Quitted Conan Club Since Movement Patch Club”, good luck.

Even with a folder system, you still need a SEARCH option.

Ahy sus usted valla a duplicar items con sus amigos de alianza todos saben que usted con sus amigos de alianza duplican items

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Yeah it’s really broken since the patch players buildings on the official server 2505 are just disappearing from the game no decay nothing like that just poof thralls still where they were but the whole building and everything in it gone. So many hours wasted for no reason how can you expect us to continue to support your game when it’s just broken like this.and don’t tell me you don’t have enough information it’s clear something you changed in the last patch broke the game for us. Temperature meter broken thrall damage broken armor rating broken all after last patch I had a wolf come up to me and 3 shot me at level 60 in full heavy flawless armor blocking with a shield so don’t tell me it’s me it’s not me it’s you! But I still played temperature meter broke I eat warm food wear the right armor frostbite damage anyway with the right attributes to fight it off and just whack down my health bar half way before I start using potions to heal inside a house next to the fire but I still played.log in to find my whole building gone dead 3 times no body to recover all my stuff gone let me be clear I wasn’t on when I died I logged in to find 3 dead skulls on a stick next to my body and did I mention the whole building gone yeah completely dissolved no log showing it destroyed just gone not just mine others had this happen but not everyone why? Are you going to fix this unplayable nightmare?

Beside the still not fixed UI bugs (Purge Bar in Xbox one X,4k Environment, German not visible) I am happy that at least the Momentum feels better again and climbing now is no torture any longer.

Thank you so far, but please fix the rest. I need the Purge bar.

Tell me that it works with the game chat on the xbox or does not work

Still getting the odd disconnect but it’s not as bad rendering is awful at times prelude to DC so I generally relog

New patch is out!