Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community

So you are still reading and writing in a forum of a game you do not play (and I assume even not like) any longer? And this since more than three months?
It’s a honest question: Why?


I began as single-player to use the experience as a tutorial to learn about the game. Then I looked around for a server with minimum lag (PvE). Been here around 10 months or so, and I’ve only seen one toxic guy in chat, but he was gone before I could mute him. :no_good_man:

So, basically I’ve only seen one toxic guy at 10 months. Does that make me the lucky one? If it happened to me, I’d look for a different server. The server we’re playing on, we offer new players pets, thralls, horses etc. But they usually don’t last long, maybe because of boredom or they’re just trying out things? I don’t know.


Hey, you could always join us at #1008. It’s PvE, yeah, but it’s better for peace of mind. At least in my opinion.

To EXP88:

The game is great, and you’re not forced to use mounts. In fact, the only reason to use mounts is to travel fast across the map, and you have to be diligent to not ride off cliffs etc. So, despite loving to ride horses, it’s far easier to just go to the maproom at my base (now, our clans’ base), and get on foot to the destination on any part of the map. Give it a try. Maybe you’ll get a different opinion? Anyway, good luck.

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No worries,

I liked the game so much, it was unique.
I’m playing competitive games for a long time, tried something different and after a few games I was in love with Conan. This game has brought me my enjoy back in gaming.

Untill the mounts patch, I played for +1 year and was hoping for more years to play.
I always played on official servers as PVP.

But with the mount patch, so many (crucial) elements were broken (and still are) and the devs were focussing on getting the horses into the game.

Just to name some:

  1. Movement, this has been tweaked 3 times already since the mounts patch, it’s core business of the game and they change it like it is just “something” what comes along.
  2. PVP skills are degraded, since that patch I can’t win 1v3 battles anymore and thus the battle skills are decreased and comes to a point who has the most numbers, will 98% win.
  3. Elements like the god-bubble, when they released the mounts patch they said that it was possible to brake the bubble with the trebuchet. Didn’t do that (what is good in my opinion).
  4. Bugs, like the craft station where you couldn’t scroll down unless you took the slave out and put back in. Night vision mask, broke. Stables when selling, you get more resource back compared to when making it. etc. etc. etc.
  5. Their focus is gone but only focus on money, they can’t make this game normal anymore. Even if they want to, they create more bugs than resolving. Making 1 new element, get 5 bugs in return.

Just to name some.
But was hoping this game comes back alive again, but I’m afraid it won’t. Checking the forums hoping for Tencent games giving this game it’s life back.

Uh, I don’t like the horses and prefer the maproom indeed.

Fixed in December for PC, January for console

Pretty sure this was fixed too. My memory fails me but I believe this was a console specific bug, which is why I’m having issues recalling what patch period it was added in. I do remember seeing posts about it every other day, and now I don’t.

My point is not recent bugs, I know the recent bugs and thats why I’m on the forums. I was making my point.

Thanks for the time :slight_smile:

Totaly agree. this whole community needs to come together and solve it is just bullshait, im sorry.

On a PVE-C server we went from one of the most flurishing alive communities to a complete wasteland of toxicness and a few rotten eggs trying their best to kill the server off in everyway they can, im talking spawn blocking, walling in, purgepulling, foundation spams ppl wouldnt belive. utter toxic harrasment in chat, telling every new player who joins that they should leave cause the server is dying and will be dead soon.

This is NOT ok, and the whole “deal with it” mentality is a slap in the face to players everywhere.

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Is the server dead or something? Why didn’t any friendlies make claims to prevent the walling?

Toxic gets thrown about for everything these days. One nice chap on our official had a clanmate who IRL split from him, and decided to dismantle their entire base in the highlands. While guy #2 was dismantling it all, the other player said in chat “that’s so toxic, Jimmy.”

Or that one time some choad and his dumb pal invaded the server and would not leave me alone, and kept demanding free resources in blackmail – so I killed him over and over, and then killed his bed and roll, and the whole time I murdered him I used nothing more than my bare foot. When I told him to “get bent” in chat, and he decided to leave, he accused me of toxicity.

I haven’t personally seen anyone say “deal with it.” I’m quite serious about stamping out actual toxicity, threats and harassment, but I take the responsibility myself to join the server and observe, or rain fire on the offender. As a measly old standard player.


Good Gawd…this is still going on? Look you don’t like getting smacked down because some jerk alpha didn’t like the color of your thrall’s hair? Too bad. Learn and adapt or find another server that is more palatable. Complaining about some subjective fairness being ruined is just whining. Complaining about how harsh a game about harsh living is? Yeah do you also think Monopoly should provide a living wage? Get over it. Those that cheat the physics need to be dealt with…that that succeed within the realms of the game ? Kudos to them. But you can’t force people to be better…because that is subjective junk.

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Sorry Barnes ill elleborate,
Server is beeing “kept alive” by some of the old timers who refuse to let these players achive what they are saying, to destroy the server and make it unplayable for anyone, they tell off new players who join to leave and the harras some of the older ones with real nasty proffanity day in and day out.

They also block off a huge amount of spawns, try to wall ppls places in and do landclaims to prevent anyone from building.

they make huge foundation snakes across the whole map and are now saying that the server will not manage what they have in mind.

when it comes to the deal with it thing i am refering to the post about communities comming together and enforcing rules, and such, wich is not possible on a pve-c server, we cannot beat these ppl and noe pushing on 2 years they are still at it…

i wish someone would take the time to have a look at this, and i would gladly offer my free time to show and tell all over the server wich ive spent most of my time on conan in.

With all the considerable respect that I have for you, this is the thing that pushed me into my current refresh-only hiatus and is the reason why I’m wondering whether I should even keep refreshing my stuff.

Trying to maintain a community on an official PVE-C server, trying to make sure it stays a nice place for everyone to play, is a thankless Sisyphean effort and almost always doomed to fail when confronted with sufficiently determined trolls.

It should not be players’ task to “make claims to prevent the walling” or take any similar measures. I used to be much more understanding and accepting of Funcom’s policies regarding official servers, but I realized that my attitude was misguided. While Funcom’s way of dealing with exploits might solve PVP problems someday, it won’t do anything for PVE and PVE-C players. Our problems are not exploits, but a half-arsed game mode added as afterthought.

At this point, Funcom should either:

  • Find a way to moderate official servers to some degree.
  • Add in-game mechanics to mitigate the actions of trolls and griefers and/or allow players to deal with them.
  • Pull the plug on official PVE(-C) servers.

couldnt agree more.

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Problem is, once it got out, people were mass crafting these to build up more hoards of hardened brick. The same with the steel. Because no one really “cheated” doing this, the harm was done. If you did not get the info quick enough, you were way to far behind in a key resource for PVP (Vault spamming increased more than anything becuase of the extra hardened brick mistake).

Point taken.

Thank you for your previous post. I in no way meant to sound callous, I was simply wondering whether they’d pre-dated your presence on the server. In PvP I’ve been in a similar position, and have generally been forced into the same reaction.

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I whole- heartedly agree with you concept of Funcom not really making people pay for some of the easier to find issues. I posted way back about how (i think it was) Apex was taking a no nonsense approach to cheaters, and was already mass banning for exploiting. I have ran into the same players on multiple servers who either I or someone i trust have reported for under meshing, with a screen shot of the clan name, location, server. Would take all of 1 minute to verify. Granted, many reports come in on this. But once word got out that there was no gray area, then that would stop some of the boarder line exploiters. Yes, they could create alts, but again, at some point I addresses and other things could be searched and detected. Would it take work, well yes. Bu t more people avoid Conan in general just because they feel nothing is ever done to the people who exploit, just the exploit fixed. Even duping is not really punished, as after it is fixed, the cheaters get to keep the loot they already duped.

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Hey all. Newbie to Funcom forums but not to CE. I’ve been playing it near non-stop for about 4 months now (late Dec) with no signs of slowing down.

Reading through this thread, it seems to me that a lot of the stated issues (paying for a server, admining and removing toxic players–or in certain cases “toxic”–etc) could be resolved by Funcom removing the tether from co-op.

You’d only be able to have four on at any given time as opposed to the dozens that you’d have on an Official or Private server but the pros would be control of your own server plus, with co-op being strictly invite only, the added security of knowing exactly who’s playing in your game and therefore nullifying griefers and trolls. For those that don’t want to pay $20 for a server, this would make a nice alternative.

There’s also the added benefit of being able to turn Co-op into PvP (you can kind of do that now with a bit of hoop jumping but the area of play is narrower).

This would require an unambiguous set of rules of conduct on the servers. What is allowed, what is not allowed? The more restrictions you place, the “fairer” the game becomes, but with every restriction you take away some of the players’ freedom. And that freedom is what attracts people towards sandbox games, so it’s a delicate balance, and I’m afraid you wouldn’t find consensus even among players who’d like to see some rules.

And regardless of how many rules you put in place - you can’t stop people from being annoying jerks. The first problem there is that there’s no measurable definition on what an annoying jerk is, and determining that on a case-by-case basis would require manpower on a totally different scale than blowing up undermesh bases or obelisk blocking walls.

Even online games with a huge pool of volunteer player moderators such as Runescape couldn’t manage that.


I know how you feel. Me and my friends abandoned the game because after so many hours spent in it we had to leave the server cause of trolls blocking key locations and dungeons in PvE. We left the server, joined a new one and we had to leave again cause of other trolls. We reported to funcom but nothing happened.
So we joined a PvP, built a small house and we get wrecked by an alpha clan that spent all his time searching for us and killing all of us. They said that if we don’t give them a part of our respurces every week they will come and destroy all. This is ridicoulous but Funcom don’t do anything about that. Private servers are not an option, if the admin stops paying you lose everything. This is very sad because this is one of my favourite games, but cause of toxic players is currently unplayable.

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Funcom didn’t need a consensus when they implemented a whole bunch of changes they believed were going to improve the game. It’s generally how these things work: they see a problem, they listen to what players have to say and then they come up with their own solution. Occasionally, that solution gets tweaked based on players’ feedback.

I don’t think anyone is aiming for that. It’s just like in real life, where you can’t stop people from driving like jerks – or even causing accidents – but you still have some laws that dictate how you can’t drive and some degree of enforcement of those laws.

It’s not really as complicated as you make it sound. Right now, if you’re playing on an official PVE(-C) server and someone builds a fence-topped wall all around your base, there’s nothing you can do about it. Any solution to that is already a good start. :man_shrugging:

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