Horses Not Spawning in Exiled Lands

I know they exist. I looked it up, BUT no one is saying whether you need Siptah DLC or not. Said was a free update for horses, but I also learned about dual axes and punching weapons and those aren’t available in Exiled Lands, so…
Wondering if you need Siptah DLC before said things appear in Exiled Lands. I have especially scoured the entire tier 1 beginners region.


I know there is confirmed spawn near the great dam and somewhere around river biomes.

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You don’t need Siptah to get horses, or any dlcs, although one dlc gives you the option to have a black or white horse.

There aren’t a lot of spots that you’re guaranteed to find a foal, and it has been changed, so much of the information that’s out there is now incorrect because it’s out of date.

My preferred place to look is the Northern Aqueduct. I’ve never failed to find foals there.

Once you find the foal you’ll need to put it in a stable with some plant fiber and then you just wait. You’ll also need to make a saddle so you can ride it, for which you’ll need a saddlers table, you get this with the same feat that teaches the stable


Okay thanks, I’ll check there once I know where that is.:kissing:
I’ll look it up.:+1:
I thought about the out of date stuff, but thinking about the weapons made me wonder if it was a free update that hinged on the DLC before it appeared anywhere. Sooo, I asked because that info seemed nowhere.

I respec’ed that knowledge away when I couldn’t find any forever. Guess I’ll be drinking hallucinogens again and learn it back.:+1:

Note: Are there any other locations that are up to date?


The coastline of the large island in the top right of k5 has always been good for me (there’s usually one close to some hostile shalebacks) - I am on PC, so, of course there could be differences, but they’ve been there for a while, so hopefully the same applies for you guys too.

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4 to 5 foals, between Scavengers Berth going SW to Gallamens Tomb,

I tend to start near hatchbacks on beach and find one or 2 on ridge over looking them, Head East-NE, you’ll find few more past small darfari camp, 1-2 more by time you get to Black Hand camp. You don’t really need go to far north.

I find a good amount South of Great Dam, mixed in with wolves and deers.

Are those horses on the north side of the river still there on console? They’ve been gone for a while now on PC, so I figured that you might have lost them too with this latest update. If they’re still around, then that’s definitely the best option of the lot :slight_smile: I always preferred going for the ones up on that ridge when they were available.

We havn’t got new update, There on North end of river, but up on ridges.

I do not see alot of people travel thru there, They often seem to be over looked. As of yesterday, I nabbed a few. (again, were 2 patches behind) waiting on 2.4.6 or w/e)

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I went looking for horses myself in Siptah and the locations on the map were not spawning anything outside of a few rocknoses and demons during a surge.

@MrAddled , You don’t need Siptah to have horses, Siptah provides the rhino mounting.

I find easily horses near the mount of the dead, I 'll send photo.

The location as you see in the photo is 10C. It is a guaranteed spot of 3 spawns, not just one.
Good luck exile :+1:t6:

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nice with the location and also nice with the choice of attire… might be a lil nippy while walking in the gold bikini armor in the tundra :cold_face:

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If you have 2 perks in vitality you don’t understand cold :wink:. Plus this bikini has one frost protection and a really decent plus in agility. However I can make all the exile run totally naked, I did it a lot, a lot :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Crazy habits dude :wink:

She looks cold.:kissing:

Anyway, I finally found some at I believe K6 on the way to the jungle. Wish there were canoes or something, even if use was limited, just to make travel via that quicker and interesting.
I also found them by the aqueduct, so thanks for that tidbit. I haven’t verified the rest yet, but its a big map and I’ve written the locations mentioned. Thanks all around.:+1:

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