No horses on the whole map

Went to all green areas of the map. No horses anywhere.
Anybody else?

Which map? What spawn areas are affected? Official, private, private/modded or singleplayer?

Saw both in their usual spawn areas on both maps recently.

Conan Exiles Map, Single player no mods
from 3d/4d to 3j/5j
from 9j to 4m
from 10/c to 8i
even went up to the Bridge of the Betrayer

There are 2 good locations, one is one of the first islands of the jungle, the other is the western entrance to the North. The old jungle / desert area used to have them a long time ago as well but those spawns have been removed.

(there’s also a rotbranch boss on those islands so careful, but the foals are somewhere along the shoreline)

I don’t have the game open atm and this particular interactive map doesn’t appear to display them so these are based on memory, could be slightly off, but they’re going to be around there


Thanks! I went to the first one (jungle), no horses there. Got to try the second one then. Was almost at that spot. It is really a tough one to get a horse.

Also this spot too

In the spot at the jungle, they’re closely huddled slightly away from the beach line and are intermingled with Shalebacks.

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Oh yea :smiley: that’s right next to my base (and I see yours too!) and I always stumble upon them :joy: weird how it didn’t click first lol

Just to be sure , you do know that you are looking for foals rather than horses right ? :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Yeah. :smile:

Found them on your spot. → 9G
But there were not too many. Only 4 running around.

Thanks to all!

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I love this game so much, but…
After several long trips, I finally bring myself two foals and then the animal pen doesn’t work.
I’m freaking out. I guess I’ll have to give it another try tomorrow. Today the frustration is too much.

You need a stable :slight_smile:

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Each foal has its own stable and feed. But nothing happens.

You’ve made an actual stable?

the small one.

Tamed a wolf and a hyena with the same one.

then it’s a small animal pen and not a stable :wink: ( as stables are separate for horses , annimal pen will grow every other pets )

Ok ok, found it.

Since I’ve reached level 60 and can’t unlock anything else at the moment, the “own horse” project is now turning into quite a big adventure. :upside_down_face:
Thanks again for all the tips!

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you can use fragments of power to gain points to spend , or you can respec using bestial memory potion ( don’t use yellow lotus one , it’s bugged and mess with receipes acquired by interaction ( like sorcery ) )