Foal locations?

I can’t find them…? The livestream said one spot was north of UC but I can’t find them anywhere. I went all over the map but no dice.

Does anyone have the locations?

Actually they are not hard to find, I scoured the whole map on the friday and they ended up being near my starting point, only I went the oposite direction.

From this map:

N12, O13, U11, V11. There might be others but those are already enought for you to find.


Near circle of swords by Mounds of the dead, On the grass plains of the North, near the aqueduct. Couple places along the starter river. Those are the ones I found over the last couple days. Mounds and North have 3-4 that spawn in the same area, but starter river, I only see singles in the spots I’ve found.

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That live stream confused me too, but in their latest stream I noticed his mouse pointer is off by a few miles for some reason. No joke; he wasn’t trying to point out UC.
In Any case, early game there is quite a lot around shattered bridge, about 7 in that area.

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Yeah that mouse pointer has a mind of its own.

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