Jungleclaws broken?

I’m having issues finding the jungleclaws. Got the other followers just need…the…jungleclaws lol I’ve looked at every place they’re “supposed to pop up”, I’ve gone genocide level adult claw killing and nope. I mean even the others on the server can’t find them. We’re on an official server. It’s been days now and nothing…not one mew. Any ideas?

Before the bleed nerf there was a good argument for Jungleclaws being the best pet option so I always kept an eye out for them. Easily the hardest baby to come upon imo. My only advice is to check near the elephant graveyard, the JC spawn closest to the nearby accursed camp. The JC that spawns there are close enough to the elephant spawn that they fight and the elephant wins, giving babies a better chance of spawning.The babies obviously won’t fight the elephant, I have found a couple there. The spawn rate is still pretty abysmal. Good luck!


They only spawn within the maelstrom circle I believe and very rare. Sabers still the best pet but I’d say the jungle claw could be a close second


Are you talking about the baby tigers? Try the rocky outcrops in the savannah area in the west of the map. I see them there all the time.

Thanks for the help all, I checked the elephant graveyard, around the entire area and the camp above and tried killing off the adults but still no babies :sob: I’ll keep at it hopefully a baby will show up. Sadly I’ve only seen death in maelstroms so far lol Paolo we’re talking about the isle of siptah, exiles I had Tigers everywhere but here is like…none. Only one tribe here has a jungleclaw and I mean ONE jungleclaw at that lol


My base is on the elephant graveyard, after 6 weeks of playtime the jungleclaw cub popped… They are awesome :tiger2:


The mountain lions are also very nice

Come on @Ulyssi, why did you change your profile photo, I like the old one… Same goes to @Barnes :rofl:. If I ever see @CodeMage with a different profile photo the forum will look strange, don’t you dare to change it :angry:.

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I’m still fixated on hatchlings: I always wanted to try out the poison/cripple angle for defenders, but never got more than 4 hatchlings at a time. My rule is they don’t go into the oven unless there are 5. :smiley:

Heard. Rascal. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Awwwuh!! I want one so bad :sob: I used to roll around on exile with a greater tiger and just mess stuff up, they’re beasts…bleed plus sunder and that hard hit? I miss my kitty :cry: although since I don’t have one now I’ve really been leaning into the greater wolf and greater Saber :woman_shrugging:t3: they’re tough af.

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