The Curious Case of the Conspicuously Absent Croc Cubs

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I am not sure if I have simply encountered an intended change, of if there is a spawning issue at hand. But I can not seem to find a Baby Crocodile anywhere in the Exiled Lands. I check the pond, along the banks of the River biome, the oasis near Sepermeru, the upper right of the Jungle close to the World Boss. But I have not seen one single baby croc in the last several play sessions now. It is almost like the those crafty crocs have crept away on me. Can anyone help with this concerning caper?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Search for Baby Crocodiles in their usual places, and logical one over multiple play sessions.
  2. Find no baby crocodiles.
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Well brother Crom last weekend I saw several as I was leveling up thralls along the river below Sinners refuge. Have built nearby do to all the hard noggins needing tenderized inside. Will endeavor to pay attention this weekend.

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UPDATE: ok I just jumped on CE to give it another check good buddy. I got just 2 baby crocodile spawn near the World Boss pond. Nothing when I first arrived, but I trekked to Skulkers End then back (none along the way), and one lone baby crocodile spawned. So they are definately still there, but by the same token either they are slow to spawn, or their rates, or that of baby animals more generally have possibly been adjusted(?).

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Hi @Croms_Faithful, there were no tweaks that could’ve affected their spawn rates in previous patches, it likely took them a longer time to be spawned than usual, as singleplayer sessions can be quite inconsistent in this aspect.

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I always see some around the bend near the spider caves by the southern aqueduct.

I’ve had this issue for about a 2-3 weeks(got covid so been playing pretty hard core),
Till a moment ago, I came upon 4 baby crocs in a batch. (away from most spawns)

They seem to be pretty rare since last update, It doesnt seem be spawn issue thou, but a Shaleback issue. They attack babies now making them abit harder to find since there killed off by locals.

And active ai range means there often killed before I often catch them, I tend to see something attacking something in distance… tend to put it off as exiles or imps. =/

From what I can tell, there on alot of things kill list and most of croc spawns are near other things.

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