Crisis on Infinite Crocs

Game mode: [Single Player]
Type of issue: [Bug/Misc]
Server type: [PvE]

In Gallaman’s Tomb, it seems that the crocs will spawn on a normal timer, continually, without ever despawning. When I went there the first time I was able to kill all but the boss, though all the spawns that kept popping in didn’t help. I built my house as close to the cave entrance as I could, so I could just hop right back into the cave when I died. As I got thralls and put them around my base, it seems that sets the spawn conditions or something. So the crocs just sit in the cave, spawning and spawning, until there are too many to fit, and they come out of the cave in waves. I eventually built a big fence system to keep them hemmed in where my archers (up on towers) could take their time sniping; sometimes there was so much lag (even though single player) that the crocs would lag through the fence (and one time a demon croc lagged into my house and got stuck! which I eventually killed by standing outside and hitting the hurtbox that was outisde the walls). Eventually I went into the cave to take on the crocs, and found hundreds of crocs.

Probably an unexpected circumstance; I’m slowly in the process of making another base, and seeing if that (not having thralls standing around right outside the cave) doesn’t fix the situation.

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Yeah, for some reason crocs are multiplying like rabbits. Regularly I’ll be going along the southern river, attack what I think is a single croc only to have 5-6 split out from the main host like some kind of saurian chimera.

Hey @TheRoyalFamily

We’re aware of single player games experiencing huge spawns of enemies and our team is working on a fix before World War Croc fan-fiction starts popping up.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Let’s just hope it doesn’t spread to the swungle. We don’t need Gorilla Warfare on our hands.

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