Anyone found baby crocodiles?

Stumbled onto some crocodile nests but didn’t see any hatchlings. If they were going to be anywhere, you’d think that would be the spot. So that got me wondering if anyone else has come across any yet.

Yes. I have come across a few random babies on the beach.

Hmm. All I found on the beach so far is turtles.

I’ll keep an eye out I guess. Was mainly just concerned about something like that being overlooked.

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Yes, I got one, from the beaches I think to the north-west of the map. I was checking the wild surges that spawn there and I came across one on the beaches near some wrecked ships.

Pets are very rare on this map. You have to keep your eye on them – and they also wander around, before you know it, that little guy would have travelled outside of your fight range and you’ll have to look around. If there are cliffs, below those too. They are explorers.


Yes, i did found two baby crocodiles. North-east coast, close to / southwest from Harbor of the Drowned.

Can confirm they are there, if relatively rare (though it’s pretty clear already).

Have anyone found Grey Wolf pups though? Not Aardwolf/hyena/dogs? Haven’t see any yet, and I’ve been looking.

Near the Serpentman vault by the river there’s quite alot of them.

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My clanmate has a pet wolf. I’ll ask him where he got a pup when I see him online.

Yes, I found one… I think it was wandering through the Barrens, near the cliffs where the wolves are (around that abandoned shrine)… Or maybe even in a forest. I can’t recall exactly but I have found, elephant, ostrich (both green and regular), sabretooth, lynx, wolf, crocodile and camels. The camel and ostrich egg came as drops from killing thralls in Surges.

You can trade for camels and rocknoses and I think spider eggs in the shipwrecked camp where Valera is hiding out for silver coins. The only NPC settlement on the island.

The ostrich I got in two forms: ostrich young already hatched and egg (it was a green egg), and hatches, as drops from thralls (regular wild surges). I have read you can get pets from the summoned surges as well.

The rest I found randomly in the wild… Oh, and bear. Found a bear cub as well, I don’t want to ruin it for players about the locations but they are in their respective biomes – just not as common as you would be used to from the exiles map.

I also found the rhino calf, not among the wooly bison though. The regular grey kind. My base is a zoo.

The only one I haven’t found is hyena. The only spots you can farm consistently are horses, the rest are very specific and may or may not be there when you run around.

Chances are you’ll get the zoo too, before you get the pet of your choice by just running around.

This is from singleplayer, not an always on server. So they are not that cruel to give them starmetal rules, which still I have never found. But they are almost as elusive as starmetal. Almost.

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Okay, so my clanmate says there’s a chance of it spawning in the vicinity of the Den of the Wolfmen.

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Well that seems… fitting! Thanks for the update CM :slight_smile:

At exiles map yes.

Just found a couple over by the leyshrine of the serpent, so that’s another option. Lots of wolves in that area.

I found some on the beaches in the south of the island. :slight_smile:

You can also get 3-5 (usually) from the “most powerful surge” of the North-East altar. Aquilonians seem to really like gator pets.

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