Where else can I find Crocodile Hatchlings?

I’m playing a Khitan/Yamatai type of character and I want to get some Crocodiles for pets. Where are some spawn points for the hatchlings?
And what other pets would fit this style?

I’ve found them all along the river in the southern desert biome. They’re pretty tiny and low to the ground though so if there’s any grass or shrubs they can get lost in there. They make an ADORABLE little whimper sound though. So if you have your sound at a decent level you will hear them and it’s a good indicator of where they are. I only have two because I needed to complete my animal collection with US Supreme Court Justice’s names…Anotonin Scaleia.

I also have, among others, Ruth Biter Ginsberg (saber), Brett Catvenaugh (tiger), Sandra Day O’Carnage (panther), Anthony Cattedy (tiger), Sonya Dodomayor (bird), Elena Cajun (croc) and Samuel All Eato (bear). They’re kept company by Bill and Hillary Chitin (scorpions) Katey Beary (bear), Bearock Obama (bear) and their good friend Mitch McCarnal (saber).

I hope you find less cringey uses for your pets.

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I usually have my volume up but I’m always listening to something on Youtube or my music so it’s not completely quiet while I’m playing.
And I named my pets before. I had a Rhino named Brutus, a Sabretooth named Slasher. I don’t name my pets that much.

And then I decided to go nuts on my keyboard because my mom liked hearing me type and then I did some things on my end. lol.

I hope you find your new crocodile pets. I forget which expansion it is, but there is a pet skin that makes crocs look like little jade statues. It’s the best.

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IIRC, the croc hatchlings share the same spawn points are their parents. Go around killing crocs and you should see some hatchlings shortly.

One place that I’ve always seen them is the lake near the Sentinels. Watch out for the giant croc, of course.

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