Salamanders Hatchlings

Hi everyone, is there still no salamanders hatchlings in the game ? I’ve searched for it online but i didn’t found anything…


They have been in game for a long time. I have not found a specific place they spawn, you just have to find some place where quite a few spawn and kill them till one spawns.


I see, thanks for the answer i’ll try to kill them then, but why is there no specific spawn like all the others baby animals of the game ?


I’ve had luck in the jungle more so than the sand areas.

Heavy low RNG for the babies though, been like this for years. I’m usually surprised when I see one going by.


Thanks for the info, i’ll try my luck in the jungle then. Do you know if Funcom intend to give the Salamanders some love in the future ?

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There was a promise a year ago that pets would be reworked; that’s about it I suppose.


Like @Kikigirl said, start from the ruins with the imps and keep walking strait to the river side. I had a lot of luck on the wreck of the martyr but in cases i find some baby spawns to the small island below the southern obelisk.
Yet allow me to ask why salamanders? All the reptile species in this game are below the average except the colossal snake. I do remember that when the game started, one skull crocks were really tough guardians , but they are not even close to what they use to be and let’s not forget that back then we all started from the river that didn’t had tough opponents as well.
If you’re in to pet companionship i would suggest you to bet on frost giants and colossal snakes , they don’t stagger and they get decent hp. Sabers are still the most decent of all and the double spawn in the midnight dungeon still exists :wink:.
Have fun exile and the best of luck :metal:.


If memory serves there has been some theories that their spawn rates are not the same as other baby pets and that is why they are exceedingly rare.


No they are not. The problem with the rumors follows logic that many players didn’t get yet. There’s none “useless” area in this game. If you find no vital reason to keep visiting an area or even build in this area, change your mind fast and start visiting, your journey will never disappoint you in these lands.
The reason that salamander pets are “rare” is because people tend to believe that northern jungle has nothing interesting and it’s empty…
It’s not!


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