Salamander Hatchlings Not Spawning

Seems the hatchling spawns are broken. Haven’t found any after a couple of days of searching. Turned down foliage and searched muddy waters with not one baby to be found.

Idk if that’s the issue… I’ve found them on rare occasions, but they’re super low spawn rates. Granted, I’ve never built in areas where they spawn anyway, so I don’t farm them frequently.

I spent a fair amount of time in the M-7 region of the map over the past few weeks looking for salamander hatchlings.

I finally found one earlier this week!

PlayStation Official PvE Server.

Sounds very lucky congrats!

I played sometime last year, pvp official server, and our base was in the jungles, and ai remember finding them quite. So I was very surprise not to find any.

Is there any patch notes or updates that you can point to that state any changes? I played last year and found them pretty regularly from what I remember. Just would like actual confirmation.

Nothing that I’ve seen, no. I think it’s just rng. I see people have them sometimes, but they’re not common. Try farming the small river near the priest king’s retreat. There’s a bunch there so I imagine you’re bound to come across one if you keep killing them.

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Thanks will try that too. I searched patch notes and didnt see anything, but likely i could’ve missed it or they never mentioned anything. Just was hoping for confirmation so im not wasting time on something not even there. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I’m sure you’re just getting some bad rng. Good luck!

You were right! Clanmate found a hatchling! I had to double check it was not a komodo before posting lol. Of course I want the rare pet.

Thanks for all help.

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You’re welcome :smiling_face:

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