Fix Salamander Baby Drop Rate Please

Game mode: Both
Type of issue: Spawn rate near Zero
Select one: Bug
Server type: PVP but applies to any
Region: NA
Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

I have found a total of One Salamander Hatchling all year. Ive spent many hours on random days trying to get one and they dont drop. I have checked exiled lands and also a new siptah server i play. Research online from YouTube videos i come across comments people find 1 or zero after a long time searching. This has been going on all year and needs looked into. Yes Some people actually enjoy collect pets on official servers. Last one I/ve seen was very beginning of the year.

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PETA is watching you :point_up_2:

Yes but can confirm that… I think before siptah the spawnrate was much higher. My best results where at 6 K/L South side of the river.

I am trying to find a comodo hatchling…the same problem… I think the rate was much higher in the past

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