There are no salamander babies in the game. There is suppose to be

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

There are no salamader babies. None. Spent 3hrs working the shipwreck beach where a youtuber showed them to spawn in (M-7). Killed adult salamader repeatedly up and down the beach and in the back swampy area. No babies spawned in not once. Look up and down and in the water. No runnaway babies anywhere.


Did a quick pass of the usual salamander hatchling locations on Siptah and in the Exiled Lands and could - at glance at least - also not find any babies anymore. Either they have been moved (doubtful) or removed. Question is if that’s intentional or an accident. I say “Bring back the hatchlings!” :lizard:


My good friend @Barnes ask me to get some salamander young for him.
I found 2 in around an hour. I then spent the next 4 days looking for more, and found none.

I have been looking off and on ever since and I too can find none. it’s been weeks at this point, never found another.


It’s the harshest mistress in the game.

Interesting. That’s really bizarre, as it wasn’t like this in the beginning. There were always some hatchlings - even if few - in the typical areas in the Exiled Lands and Siptah when they added them. Keeping an eye on it, but I definitely feel something is not working as intended here.

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Looked again today there are still no salamander babies. Do I need to fill out a ticket or some other measure to bring this bug to attention or is this forum enough? How long until a fix?

That’s the problem with RNG. While everybody else can say, they found multiple in an hour or a day, that still does not guarantee you’ll EVER find one.
You’ll never be certain that is a bug and not unlucky RNG.

This thread has been tagged as “Report-Received” by Funcom, so it should be in the pipeline for investigation on their end. If there’s a fix, then you simply have to wait now, it can never be promised how long it takes to fix/implement changes. At least they are aware now.

Quick look at the spawn tables and ya, just RNG. Not a bug. Sorry

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There could be a hiccup in the calculation at time of spawn where it just repeats the same id to spawn. Or just really really bad RNG luck.

Highly doubtful, that’s just stretching to make it look like a bug when it’s just RNG. Same thing it always is with threads like these. 99% of all “spawn is broken” threads are just people not understanding basic RNG.

Thank you for down talking. It is needed. I dont see how us humble beings will ever understand the rng. I mean its not like code can get stuck on a loop, sorta like a bug or something. You know the same code that once an id has spawned, that id remains in game until wither killed or server reset. Thay is why when you leave an area with spawned data and then i come in later after you left, it respawns the same exact npcs if none were killed. Not like that part could be bugged and keep respawning the last id instead of hitting up the tables. But we humblings have no clue.

You think it’s a bug that if you leave an area, that the area keeps the same enemies it had before? You call THAT a bug? I don’t know of a single server style game where that’s an actual mechanic. Play Diablo 2, do you leave an area, and come back, and suddenly there are new enemies? Or do you RESTART THE SESSION, and THEN there are new enemies?

You are seriously stretching to try for the usual “game bad” narrative.

Play Single Player if that is your demand, though every other day there is somebody complaining about the fact NPC’s do exactly what it is you think it should be, so, which is it? Don’t bother answering, muting the thread.

tldr; not a bug, no matter how much you try and insist it is.

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no, i am saying because the game loads that id, the bug may, and I MEAN MAY, that is is loading the id even after getting killed instead of using the table.

And i was being pointed at you because a person asked if it was a bug in original post and people immediately try and silence them by down talking them like a child. We understand rng. Do you understand bug?

I havent seen any either. I think they should fix the spawn rate whether its a bug or RNG…

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Check every day. Still isn’t any. I challenge anyone who thinks this is an RNG issue to catch a baby salamander. If you can let us know. They are not spawning at all.

Official Multiplayer - pc - pve.

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This is what the spawn in should look like: -this vid- is represented in the wiki.

This is what it looks like for me on my official pve server:
-short version me going up and down beach no babies-
-same clip no cuts very long version doing complete search entire area no babies-

They are very, very rare. I only saw one baby salamander in my life. This was end of january, beginning february. But I saw another guy on my (official) server, who has at least two. And, mine turned out to be great!

Best of luck!
Edit: I saw wrong, this other guy has Greater Warans. Some people try to find salamander babies for several days now (including me), motivated by my success …none. It seems i was really lucky.

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This makes me feel so much better. It’s got to be among the toughest things to gather.

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It almost feels like the RNG is a bit TOO rare on these. I’ve never seen one, not in months.