Found myself a Croc Hatchling

I started a new game today, after beating Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Made myself a Zingaran this time.

Went to my traditional starting hideout, the little u-shaped depression in the H3 part of the map. Since it has so much going for it in the early game.

Easy water access, plenty of trees, plants, and stone nearby. Shaleback eggs to harvest. A short swim north to that island in the southern part of H4 with dead trees to supply my bark.

All solo offline, so I’m not fighting anyone for space here. And it has the resources for me to gear into light armors before trekking out to get iron and start climbing the latter.

Plus the pet opportunities. Going to the Sentinels nearby, there is a pair of Hyena near the northern one. And hyena cubs, which can pop a Greater Hyena with Feral Flesh, at a 20% rate. And that’s a strong one to have in the early game.

Funny enough, I was running back to base after killing some shalebacks at the nearby nest. And there is this cute little croc hatchling wandering around. Never seen one here before.


It’s not unheard of to see them there, but it is quite rare to see them there. They’d make a good pet too, can’t look past something that can cause bleeding.

Yeah, I’ve got two Hyenas, the Croc, and a Shaleback (for dung), cooking in the animal pen right now.

Though the first three are still only about half-finished.

I remember the first save I had, I started it 5-6 months ago, I grabbed that Hyena cub as my very first pet, fed it some human flesh and it became a Greater Hyena.

It was obliterating everything. It had around 8000 hp.

Any croc spawn location seems to have a small chance to respawn as a baby croc, applies to other creatures also.

Yeah, this hatchling had to have traveled some, however. As this isn’t a normal croc spawn point. Since I routinely use it as a starting base, to grab a couple pets, light or medium armor, and so on. Before I make the trek to Lookout Point to start farming some iron and upgrade my tools/weapons.

The nearest croc I know of is either around the bend there is a camp of 3 exiles, and a croc usually spawns in the grasses near them. There is another croc up near the southern beach below Narrowneck Span.

So, I play solo offline. Is there some sort of coding that speeds up certain things, to compensate for the time passage from the last time it was played (ie, comparing save time to current time)

Because I was out mining at Lookout Point for a few hours yesterday before I called it a night. And I came back in today, went back to my old camp and animal pen.

The hyenas and crocs, that were less than half when I left the camp, are now practically complete. And I just can’t see, as slow as they were going, they accumulated this while I was off mining.

It’s like there was a time jump when I logged in a half hour ago, and it advanced them farther than they were.

If you ran thru before thou, croc likely ran off away form you, ended up way far some where else.

Likely when back track, thats likely were it scuttled off to. XD

I’ve seen a few baby crocs really far in shore, I tend walk shore/rivers lines. They tend scuttle off inland for me. XD

Ah no, no croc ever spawns there, as far as I know. And the hatchling was there after I had built my little 2x2 hut to hide from sandstorms. And after I had been there for a while. So he had to drift in from somewhere else.

Also, there seems to be a bug with the first Animal Pen you unlock. Those Hyenas and Crocs all seemed to be finished. But for some reason they were hung up and refusing to finish the crafting.

I had the server setting at 0.5 the normal speed to make it somewhat more tolerable. I dropped it to the lowest it would go, went to main menu, and reloaded into the game.

This time I removed the babies from the pen, and stuck them back in. The one Hyena, Croc, and Shaleback all grew up fine this time. However the first Hyena I stuck back in hung up again when it should have finished.

I had to remove it a second time and put it back to restart the timer, after which it finished successfully.

I’ve gotta restart my game, I screwed up a server setting that can’t be changed after game starts, so I recorded what I have to quickly get back into things when I start back, to make up for the hassle.

There one along shore, not far form narrow span. Its only one on south shore that area. I’ve had good luck on that one being blue eye. XD

Also one near sentinels, good chance it just roamed over. (babies are fairly fast when they scuttle)

I’ve seen that one. It’s usually the one I have to avoid when I go to Lookout Point. I cross the river at Narrowneck and continue on the north shore, because there are usually only antelope/shalebacks, with a few crocs that are easy to outrun.

The closest to my camp is right around the corner in G3. There is a camp of 3 Exiles and a bonfire. The croc spawns there and usually attacks them instantly because of the proximity.

Really love that campsite. It’s great in solo because of the security. And you can easily get fish/food, hides from the demons/Exiles/Shalebacks to get some starter gear, everything you need aside from Ironstone nodes.

And there are several of those at Narrowneck Span, I just found them yesterday. Enough you could harvest them if you get them quickly for each respawn. Though not enough, I think, to get the 75 bars needed for the Smith bench.

I typically use this camp until I’m stronger, then dismantle it down to little more than a mini-camp for dealing with Crystals from Hanuman’s Grotto which isn’t far away. And the best place for Crystals in the game.

Same with Lookout, I use it to gear into Iron, and get stronger. Then I move that entire camp to Dustdevil Ridge. There is a nice spot between it and Heartsblood Rise in G5.

It’s another good way-camp. Lots of iron and coal, and brimstone in Sinner’s Refuge. So a good place to gear up into Steel, and the nearby Darfari camps are good to raid for loot and thralls.

After that, I head west. Lakewatch has a nice area. Huge amount of brimstone, iron, and coal nearby for mass steel production. Go down into the valley north of Lakewatch to place fish traps for food and oil, and lots of wood/animals for timber and hide.

I had a number of camps like this mapped out via the online interactive map, that shows mostly where resources and the like are located.

I tried setting up four major fortress-locations for specific resource farming. Lakewatch was the western camp. That is about as far as I made it before I moved to another game to let Conan get some updates.

I always go up river thats going northward.

Before darfari camp.
will regret mention this <–

  • Chest in nameless city for repair kits <-- will now be nerfed
  • Iron to east near tower of bat,
  • abit more easy for brim (cave)
  • west branches and bark by Yog preist.
  • river = water
  • hyenas just north for hides
  • west for birds and feathers
  • crystals not to far
  • silk further up river.
    -you get a waterfall!!!

draw backs? Purge can be Bats… Oh god them albinos hit hard…
Also random croc who walks onto porch. XD
If your online…everyone and there mother cousins uncle is going past. XD

Yeah, I only play MHW online.

So far I have never seen a Purge. I left the default settings in the server. I think the bar was maybe 5% full in the game I was just in, after mostly just a day of playing. So it’d probably take a week or two of playing to get one to show up.

I need to get them to show eventually, so I can snag some Purge Thralls.

I like using the H3 camp and Lookout. You can swim across to get Hyena pups near the Sentinels, pre-Iron gear. If you luck out and get a Greater Hyena you can handle a lot more than normal.

I need to get more of the DLC. I like the Yamatai one I have so far. But I need to get the other three Season 1 DLCs and the S2 pass. Though it’ll probably be in July. I’m trying to save to preorder Iceborne for MHW.

Wait until you make a Yamatai Croc or Greater Croc. Holy moly are they beautiful, like little jade dragons!

Yeah, I’ll get a Firebowl when I go to Dustdevil and can start some stuff with Brimstone. Already using the Yamatai Assassin sword and Footsoldier armor.

Sweet. If you kill an Elite Croc or Rocknose sometimes they drop Shadebloom. I have had 2/5 greater crocs when filling my pen with 5 hatchlings and 5 Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat.

Just looked up your spot on the interactive map. It’s not that far off from me, really.

Mine really requires you be Level 25 to craft a well. But it’s not such a slog to reach the coal and brimstone if you can manage that.

I tend to go directly between Dustdevil and Heartsblood. There are a few of the Rock beasts nearby, but it’s relatively safe there.

But if you go before a Well, all you need is around 3-4 Sealed Waterskins to run a bit north to the river occasionally to fill up. And if you have some fish traps you can put them there. So when you go harvest water, you can stock up on fish.

I just made it to that camp a while ago. I took my croc along and let him cart all my stone and wood, along with a Dryer (since there is a lot of dead wood nearby), Furnace, and Blacksmith Bench.

Now I just need a Wheel of Pain to work on getting some nearby thralls.

According to the map, there are:
T4 Bearer and B’naru Heavyhands (T4 Darfari Armorer) at the Summoning Place
T1-T3 Alchemist
T1-T3 Dancer
T1-T3 Priests of Mitra and Yog
T1-T2 Tanner
T1-T3 Taskmaster

All relatively close by. So you can luck into a few T3s and B’naru, who’s a definite to grab for Darfari armor. Although it looks like B’naru can also be found out near Fleshtearer Falls, which is likely south or close by your camp.

I’m definitely a thrall collector. I dug through online to find the best ones to get for a given task. You end up needing a ton, if you want a full representation, and race counts more than one might think.

For T4 armorers, you’d need:

Relic Hunters - Hanar of Bossonia(Aquilonian), Arcen Brokenfingers(Shemite), and Zoara of the Marshes(Stygian)

Heirs of the North: Njoror Battleborn(Nordheimer)

Black Hand - Shendelzare(Kambujan), Joka Ironfist(Hyrkanian), and Irniz of the Furnace(Zamorian)

Darfari Cannibals - B’naru Heavyhands

You may also need someone from Dogs of the Desert to round out and cover all the armors.

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