Dire wolf puppy?

Hi I’m not sure how to get a dire wolf puppy and grow it into a dire wolf. I tried using the frost pups and then either turned out to be wolf or greater wolf. And when I spawn dire wolf puppy in it just give me frost pup. Thanks.

There is not a Dire Wolf pet, see the wiki:

Is says on there a dire wolf puppy. Is that just the frost puppy

I’ll adjust it to mention the frostwolf cub, thank you for the comment.

For more questions, I recommend joining the fan-made discord (pinned thread). Just fyi, anyone is able to contribute to the wiki, so if you see something that needs clarifying, let us know, we have a wiki channel on discord.

The dire wolf pup doesn’t always come out as a Dire/frost wolf whichever you want to call it. Sometimes they come out as regular wolves which is a little silly seeing as it was a dire/frost wolf pup.

However you can get dire/frost wolves from regular wolf pups. Go look around the devils squat and grab as many as you can to fill your pin up. Once done if you have the proper shade spiced feed it to the wolves. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Pet You can use this chart here to help! This will give you the greatest likely hood of getting Dire/frost wolves!

Let me know if you need anymore help.

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