Greater Dogs vs Greater Wolves

I can’t lie at all, this is nitpicky of me but I’ve gotta ask; can Greater Feral Dogs and Greater Wolves just have the same stats?

As it is right now, GWolves have inferior stats to GFDogs. They’re both the same size and have the same attacks to boot.

GFDogs are, in my opinion, much easier to get too. Feral Dogs in the wild around the beach spawn have 100-150ish HP, and their puppies spawn there as well as many other points on the Isle. I’ve only found Wolves & their puppies on the Eastern side of the Isle, and their adults have 900ish HP.

This is before I’ve mentioned there dont appear to any Frost/Snow Wolf pups to get GWolves more consistently. I’ve also not found them yet, but I’ve heard there are “playful pups” that grow into unique Dogs?

In short, I love Wolves & Dogs but I dont what to be pushed to favor one over the other when they are so similar.

Yes, indeed. There are 7 different named dogs (Conan Exiles - Named Feral Dogs - Detailed Description - Steam Lists), they all have set perks and starting points individually, but which one you get? That is the RNG part.

As I can see on the wiki, Greater feral dogs have bigger HP and armor at start, but wolves get double the armor (32 vs 16) per points in AGI. Bonus damage and Hp per plus points in STR and Vit, sadly the Wiki doesn’t show which one get how many. But I think at the end, they both equal out at level 20.

But my personal view: direwolf puppies are rarer, but regular wolf pups have the chance to become a Greater wolf too (but a bit lower to compensate their abundance compared to direwolf pups). If you want a true badass, get a playful pup! If you go for the looks and feels, absolutely Greater wolf (looks almost the same as wild Direwolves).

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I farm “Brutus”, a feral Dog found in a pit at a Stygian Invader camp in the West. Right from the box he’s better than any wolf I’d had, and seems to level up at a decent rate. Any Wolf I had in the Exiled Lands rarely made it to level 20 as they levelled up so slowly, and their attacks seemed ok but not as great as the sabercats which I uised to farm.

As cool as wolves look, and I do enjoy putting the Pictish style on them too, they just aren’t worth the time it takes when compared to named Feral Dogs like Brutus who can be farmed multiple times a day and is guarenteed to be Greater.

EDIT: They should add new fodders for Feral Dogs so we can change them to various breeds like Mastifs or something!


Did the maths for Vitality, Agility & Strength.

  • Dogs & Wolves both get 16 armour per Agility
  • Dogs & Wolves both get 10% bonus damage per Strength
  • Dogs get 187 per Vitality & Wolves get 129. (58 point difference)
  • Dogs start with 2050 HP and 116 armour,
  • Wolves 1410 HP and 91 armour.

All in all, the problem I’ve got is the HP difference (I should have just said from the start tbh). The armour value makes a negligible difference at lvl 20.

So, Dogs get a whopping 640 more base HP, and 58 more per Vit level. For perspective, 58 over 20 Vitality leaves a Wolf 1160 HP (not including the 640 base HP) short of a dog around level 20.

Thats at least a 1800 HP difference if they both get to 22 Vitality, despite their attacks being the same and Wolves being more scarce.

Edit: forgot to mention they both take the same amount of xp to level. Wolves are a harder to get, bootleg version of Dogs. Its like putting on a different skin that lowers your stats.



Thanks for sharing us this info, I believe a lot of people could use this. (I wanted to do the test too, but I’m at work at this moment, and when I get home, I will have to download the 2.6 patch which is …yaayy… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

  • So for agility, the Wiki is incorrect sadly.
  • For strength, all of the non-thrall followers get the same 10% as far as I know, I forgot to mention, I completely forgot about this.

I did some tests a while back with the different pets to get a better understanding of the differences. You are 100% spot on on the stat values, however I believe there are hidden factors at play.

Some pets when attacked have “hyper armor” to their attacks while others don’t. Wolf vs dog is an example of this. Stick each one in a pit with a berserker or 3 t1s and observe. Wolves seem to have a much easier time getting their attacks off while trading hits, whereas dogs get their attacks cancelled more often from receiving damage. This means that wolves will have a higher dps and fair better against groups at the cost of lower hp.

Obviously different pets get different attack values (for their actual animations), I assume wolf and dog are the same though. You could admin spawn them and check their attack bags to confirm.


forgot to mention they both take the same amount of xp to level. Wolves are a harder to get, bootleg version of Dogs. Its like putting on a different skin that lowers your stats

Between a dog and a wolf, if their size is similar, the dog wins the fight, it was always this way, always. I know people love the wolf puppy idea, but dogs were-are and always will be the mans best friend. So leave our dogs alone please, no nerfs for them and if possible make them even stronger.


Im not calling for a nerf, sorry if it came across as such. Theres just a disparity between their HP values for no reason, despite them being just a different skin. As such, they should both have the same Stats, growth values damage etc.

I’m at a disadvantage for preferring the look of Wolves to Dogs when they’re functionally the same

I’m gonna test out what Uylssi has said about hyperarmour values before I say for certain, but this is how I see it right now.

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I agree! Dogs should be strong compared to most pets, since dogs are the real thing!

So I found a camp in the north weat corner of M 12, which spawns two Playful Pups which grow into named dogs. These are even easier to farm than the Brutus pups at the Raider camp, and they grow up to be one of 5 or 6 different greater dogs! What makes them vastly supierior to other regular feral dogs, wolves and most other non-tanky pets(are any pets actually tanky tho?) is their perks. I’ve gotten +15 str perks on them, which are all unique to the individual named dogs.

Wolves are looking pretty much like a waste of time, sadly. It’d be nice if they had some different qualities than dogs but it is what it is and I’m supporting team Dog here bc they just make pet collecting more fun and worthwhile.

So my followup on the hyperarmour, you are indeed correct. Wolves have more hyperarmour than Dogs.

This does shine more light on why there is such a hp difference, honestly though, I think its still too much.


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