All Playful pup spawn as Greaters everytime

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: #6440

All playful pups turn in to Greater Feral Dogs everytime. I have raise 10 playful pups and everyone of them has been a Greater thrall 2050 hit points at level 0. At level 20 plus 600% melee damage bonus. I got a Brutus, Aries, Koji, Apollo, Sigrid. Every time and they are all greater thralls with the exact same stats.

I noticed this and thought it was intentional, but if not, I can confirm it is happening.

I too thought they were supposed to come out named and greater dogs. Otherwise what would be different between the playful pup addition and the regular pup found in the wild? These ones even say they are raised only on exquisite meat. It just seems to me that they are going to be rare pups to find that are 100% guaranteed to be greater dogs?

where are those playful pups comes from?

They were added to be around the new NPC camps. I found one at a small camp with just 3 NPC’s in the north east. Someone else found a playful pup in a hole in the ground near the Black Corsair Main camp. The one I found was just running around in the field near the NPC camp. Not with the other Feral Dogs.
I confirmed the hole in the ground at the Black Corsair Camp, it is surrounded by traps and when you drop down into the hole it’s occupied by a lady who is torturing people, the playful pup is penned by a small fence just big enough to keep him in and there are 3 gas traps. To rescue him you need to climb the left hand wall to avoid the traps, scoot across the tiny barrier and scoop him up. If the traps are triggered you risk getting the playful pup killed.

It’s intentional. Think of them like T4 pets.


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