Greater Wolf spawning above cave

I built on the Skyholme Ruins (South end of God’s Claw). There’s a cave below where a greater wolf and two frost wolf cubs spawn. I’ve built here many times without issue.

But for some reason, this time around the greater wolf has spawned up in my base 2 times. The first time it killed my black lion (level 1 and set to not attack since I didn’t expect hostile spawns inside my base). Not cool,


Did you build with foundations or with floors on pillars? Cos afaik foundations stop things from spawning usually.

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Never trust the spawns and always expect company.
I built my base on flat ground near the Summoning place and defari camps I had it set up for the purge.
I built a 6 wall high tower and had it highly defended with foundation walls and spikes I had archer and fighting thralls at the ready 10 of each and palasads set up for defence when I finally got the purge they spawned on the roof of my tower making all my preparations and defence absolutely pointless.


Haha! You expected me to strike from below, instead, I teleported behind you!
:joy: sorry for taking the piss mate I know it probably wasn’t fun at all in the moment but damn that’s a funny story nonetheless. As if Crom decided to screw up everything you’ve built for


No probs mate what was funny was later seeing 2 great big snakes :snake: and a bunch of other snakes on top my tower hissing up a storm :joy: my only regret was not taking a photo.:sob:


Always expect the unexpected.



You need to place this guy on your roof next time.
And for me nothing in Conan happening unexpected… You need to expect everything even the impossible :joy:


tyler1 in legionary armor with laser beams shooting out of his eyes and crossbows loaded with hellfire bolts on his arms, punching the face of any exile that dare build on eyelet lake.
Gawd Imagine a mod for this


I have a base at Skyholme also, and have seen this issue. I had to put a leveled up Snowhunter out by the cliff edge because of it.
The greater wolf will occasionally spawn at the cliffs edge vs down below. One day I heard screaming in my Tavern and ran in to find the wolf trying to kill my bartender, lol.


Not sure why someone flagged this. I was assuming it was meant as a joke. Even if it’s true, I don’t know how to do that. I play in Single-Player, so it doesn’t really matter.

But I thought it was funny.

When we get purges, I throw open the gates. That has stopped all spawns inside my base. If there is no path to get where they want to go, they will spawn inside, on top, or anywhere they can to get to whatever they are trying to destroy.

Every spawn since we started this has been outside, and they make their way to us.

That’s the problem with purges. They should be attacking your gate first, not spawning inside. I understand if you build on a mesa with no way to walk up, then they spawn inside your base. But if you build stairs that they can walk up, that should be where they go. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the purge AI.

Unfortunately for my case I had no gates or even doors to open and I built on flat land no obstructions apart from palisades thralls and a few walls I built with foundations there was plenty of access no excuses for spawning on my roof.

Urgh, this issue bugs the hell out of me.

It basically renders any defences you build obsolete, really it’s pointless.

God forbid you actually build up high on a mesa or slightly raised ground , y’know, for strategic purposes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean come on! Having to open your gates when an attack occurs so they don’t just teleport in or on top of your bases is so arse-backwards , I don’t even know where to begin.

I too, feel your pain folks.

As I understand the purge based on statements made here by developers, countless explanations in videos and write ups, and observation in the 70 or so purges I’ve had, the game chooses something or some area of the base to attack. If they have a path to it, they spawn and make their way. If not, they will spawn on it. I might be mistaken, but that sure looks like what happens.

I’ve had a few purges where they have run over the bridge, past a building to something else in the back to attack. I’ve also had purges where it spawned on a structure that had no path. Specifically, in a couple of bases I had a large well and a wheel on elevated pads that had no stairs. The purge spawned on top of those until I added stairs, and then it was back outside.

I remember one time some Nordheimers spawned outside, ran through open doors, past all the workstations, and out the other door to get to the wheel.

The thing is, it works. Stupid as it sounds, it works.

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