About the dreaded 9999 ping

As you all know, the dreaded 9999 ping can hit at any time without warning. As I’m writing this it happened while I was underwater, transferring stuff, among which, all my endgame items and high end armor/weapons. I know I died by drowning and by the time I logged back in, my body was gone and hence, I lost everything. If Funcom can’t control their Commodore 64 servers why can’t they implement a safeswitch that would warp players back to their spawn points when an accidental 9999 occurs? I’m beyond fuming.

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Okay, so, a couple of things.

For starters, the “9999 ping” problem happens when the server goes zombie. It’s similar to a server crash, but instead of crashing it just gets stuck until someone or something restarts it.

The reason why I’m explaining this is because the server does not persist temporary containers – namely, corpses and lootbags – across reboots. If you die and the server reboots, or if you drop something on the ground and the server reboots, that stuff is lost.

Which means that “warping players back to their spawn points” wouldn’t have done anything to prevent your corpse from getting lost if you died before the server went zombie. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for that info. Happened to me again while crossing a bridge a player had built. Thankfully I didn’t lose anything important, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

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