The server kicks me out 7 times a day and reaches 9999 ping

My server is: Official server #1039 Pve Conflict.
Sometimes I’m peacefully playing on the server, and it kicks me out. And when I try to log back in, the ping has spiked to 240 or 9999, making it impossible for me to access the server (the maximum allowed is around 140). So, if I was out with my animals or carrying items, someone kills my animals and steals all my things. Because, you see, when the game kicks me out, it doesn’t let me back in for a whole day or for hours. Therefore, I can’t do anything. Sometimes I’m renovating my house, leaving an open gap while building, and then I get kicked out, and everything gets destroyed and stolen. If it were just a temporary bug, I would understand, but after not playing for a year and in the first week of returning, getting kicked out about 6 times a day, and being able to reconnect only twice out of those 6 times, it’s painful. When my server reaches 9999 ping, I notice that most servers in Europe also experience the same issue. So, I don’t know if I should switch to an American server to stop getting kicked out or what. While writing this review, I logged into the game to take screenshots, and coincidentally, it let me in (it didn’t an hour ago).
(When my server and other European servers reach 9999 ping, other servers in Europe and the rest of the regions are fine. So, I assume it’s an issue with Funcom, not my internet).

Use this, last time i used it, the server was rebooted within an hour

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I had a weird crash while login in our private server yesterday. It rendered the environment around me, but I couldn´t see my character or move nor did it load the buildings. I was frozen for a short while then got kicked out some seconds later. When I restarted the game I found the server had a 999 ping. Never happend before.

I had to restart our server in order to bring the ping down to 86 which was still to high. We normally do not get a higher ping then 40 on our server. We are located in Europe/Germany.

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