Sever ping 9999 -_-

Seriously, this game is a chore just to log in to sometimes. The official server I play on with my friends kicked me for being afk (fine, I get it) trying to reconnect the ping is 9999 and is the only one with a ping that high and the client obviously wont let me connect.

server 9999 ping are server on maintenance.

For how long the maintenance will be ? I am on the Official server #1014 PvE and I see indeed that it is the only server in Europe that has a 9999 ping…

I was fighting a boss in the Unnamed City and the server disconnected me and it didn’t even warned me about the maintenance… Usually they warn you “restart iin 10 minutes” but there was nothing.

I have to work tomorrow and I can’t stay in front of my screen waiting all night, so I guess I will lose all my stuff, my lvl 20 follower will be dead and my lvl 20 mount as well ? I’m so disappointed and disgusted right now…

The last 3 days to play is not possible, constantly turns off the server during the day and night, fix it please. Server Official Server #1014 PvE

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Connection has been restored Wengro for Server #1014 Pve. Quick, reconnect if you a near ennemies !

I’m not dead and my followers are still alive.

Thanks funcom if you are behind this.

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