Abuse of de claim in the all map

How do I report abuse of the claim system?

I can’t tag them because I’m a “new user” and I don’t know how to send DM

Platform: PC
Server: Official Server #1999 - PvP
I can’t upload the prints because I’m a “new user” in forum
and i can’t tag any member of community :sleepy:
But I can tell you an example, the brimstone spot is completely full of t3 claims from the “Los Gitanos” clan

in that article click on @community, click on one of the community managers icon, and send a direct message to him/her.

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or click on this @Community

Please read the thread titled “Please read” linked by @NeoFromdMatrix . It also includes information for “new users”.

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Nice man, thx so much!

If I try sendo to “@ Community” i get the message:
“One of the users you are sending this message to could not be found.”
But if I try send to one by one I get the message:
“Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

All I wanted to do was solve my server problem :expressionless:

In the jungle there are also a lot of claims, apparently they claimed the entire server :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

T3 claim, as in building at the lake preventing spawn of Brimstone? That’s a big no-no. Resource-blocking is - from what I understand - a ban-able offense. Or am I wrong?

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Actually yes, according to the topic that talks about the terms of conduct for official servers says this, but to avoid the ban they removed some gates so that the players could enter the place but only in specific places. I believe that some admin must have seen this post and cleaned the place (Thanks a lot @Community ) but some other areas of the map are in the same situation, black ice cave, jungle … this is ridiculous, it is always the same clan " Los Gitanos "apparently they want the whole server for them because all the important locations in the game have some claim from them

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