Abused closing my base with foundations

Server América Latina #2709 pve

a player named “Robertobruxo” from the clan “the other side” closed my entire base with foundations and put up fences so I wouldn’t enter. I would like, please, help me to solve this abuse that is preventing me from playing. this was done at the “7D” coordinate at the entrance to the nameless city by the sulfur obelisk.

when returning to my main base that is in the coordinate “10 between B and C” at the entrance of the king’s nest, he also made foundations around my base almost all, completely disrupting not only the game but my circulation. I really need your help.

Report this to the Zendesk and include pictures.

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I’m sorry, but you can not name and shame another player / clan on the forums.

As DaVice has mentioned, contact Zendesk and report the issue there, and include as many pictures from different angles as possible to help with your report.