Disappearing foundations

So a few days ago my clan and I had to deal with a toxic player. Long story short, he killed an afk player, we got the loot he stole back.
During this period, we put foundations around his area covering a large area. Come on today to find that these foundations are now gone. This is on an official server PVE Conflict too. Our last purge was a few days back and our purge meter is medium so couldn’t have been that plus Event log doesnt show anything. Any ideas how the foundations have gone?

:point_up_2:This is a bannable offense regardless of how toxic they might have been or how much you think they “deserved” it. Read the ToS before playing on Official servers and if someone is being toxic, report them through Zendesk.

BTW, welcome to the forums.


Hmm well that is one I didn’t know. Thanks for the heads up. Regardless, any reason why those foundations would be gone?

Check your log, it’s possible they were removed by admin or decayed.

Thats the odd part. There’s nothing on the log to show who/what removed them.

I do know that land under sky bases (so high they aren’t visible from the ground) doesn’t have land claim, but if you put foundations down they do disappear for no apparent reason. My bet is there is a sky base above your missing foundations.