Abusing power in a Ps4 server

I need help i know that ps4 put the game free but theres this server that is taking much to the new people that are playing they raid everyday if you don’t pay them apart from that its a official server… well they are abusing a lot if one of you guys can help it would be appreciate it we new players can’t even have a house or materials.

I understand your struggle buddy but you also got to understand alot of us VET players are now not able to log onto servers we have been playing for months on months just to be crowded by players that are trying the game and don’t get me wrong I’m all for new blood because I want the servers to be popular but that’s why alot of the players that have played for a while are taking the action that they are taking.

For me thats stupid but hey I understand but men raiding just because we are new and I would not pay 500 steel or 2,000 crystals in one day .-. But hey I really understand what you say :3 apart from that I’ve been talking to them and they say that if we don’t leave there gonna do the same constantly :confused:

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t do the same if it was me I would learn the game and go duck off somewhere and then come back with a vengeance. You will be really surprised on how much damage a solo player can do to a clan. I mean I haven’t been able to really log on these last couple of days and don’t get me wrong like I said earlier I’m all for new blood coming to the servers. Makes me want to open my private server back up and wipe it fresh and get a new player base started on it.

Well if you do good luck and yes im a solo player and i have played multiple pvp farming games so im gonna do justice if i can xD but hey thank for replying

If you play on PS4 make sure to hmu dude. YGDaie------PSN

Best bet is to build a base high up on something far away from the beaten path and make sure its not obvious from the ground where it is. Game is definitely playable solo

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