Fun/Casual New Server PS4 PVE


My buddy and I have started a server and want to invite other to come play with us. We have about 6 people generally but looking for more to come enjoy the game with! Working on public transportation and ease of access to allow everyone to enjoy the game. Dreadful_Demon and Joshgibbons87 are admins. Contact Dreadful_Demon with any questions! Veterans and newcomers welcome!
Please come join us:
Demon’s Lair - Password Dreadful
Boosts x2 harvest
*All else default

I recently got the game and after a brief (8hr) nightmare of a learning curve I’m ready to invest my time and effort into a server with other players. I’m trying to avoid pvp at all costs (except the friendly roleplaying brawl or two) I enjoy light to moderate rp and would love to contribute to some YouTube stories. It’s too late tonight but tomorrow I will be hitting you up to get some more information.

Looking for respectful players I’m interested in trying your server if you still have openings

Are you still looking for people