PvE PS4 Server looking for more dedicated players

We’ve been playing on our server as just a couple friends for about 2 weeks now and have decided that we need more people to enjoy the game better.

Currently we have 3 people that are 30. Looking for more players that are 18+ to keep a mature environment. I have friendly fire turned off. Pvp is disabled due to just having 3 people. Once more people have joined and we have clans up and going I will probably do something like weekly clan wars. But that’s in the future.

Exp rates are boosted to 2 so that you still have to work for 60 it’s just not as long. Gathering is also slightly boosted.

Changes and rates:
Keep items on death
Body can only be looted by owner(changes once pvp is active)
Passive exp-2
Gathering exp-2
Crafting exp-2
Killing exp-3
Gathering rate-3

Server pop: 10/20

Currently have a 20 player cap but willing to increase once the player base is constantly on. Pm if interested or message me on PSN. Same as name on here.

P.S. any requests for changes or questions about the server are welcome as well.

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I would love a chance to check out the server when I am off work tonight. I just got the game and I am looking for a server to call home while I get my bearings.

Reach out to my PSN Namfoogle

I’m doing both, who knows which one you’ll see first

Bpitty bump bump. Still looking for more. @ 10/20 players currently.

Still looking 12/20

Bump, 16/20 going strong.

Almost full, come join a pve server with active players and events.

Nearly reached 20/20! Come join our server! Once we get. About 5-6 more players we will be increasing server cap.

Looking for more ACTIVE players. Currently have 23/20 players. If we get about 8 more players I will be increasing the server cap. Currently have a very good group of core people and everyone enjoys the community

Sign me up my 0s4 gt is the same name

Hello me and my fiance are desperately looking for a nice community pve server and would really like to join

What is the name of the server me and some friends are looking for a server there are at least 3 of us

We have a server on ps4 looking for new recruits there are 4/5 of us but it’s PVP