Experienced Player Looking for New Home (PS4)

Hey all,

I’ve been playing for a few months on a PVE server. The clan that I joined has died, and there are on average only 2-3 people online on the server at any given time. I’m level 60 and I have solo’d most of the content. I’m very active (anywhere from 4-5 nights per week), and a good team player. I want to experience the game as an actual multiplayer. My PSN is GaRReN_T
Hit me up!

If your looking for a good server I got one. Its a pvp server with very chill admins. Very nice starter pack with 3x xp and 10x harvesting coming in the next week (5x at the moment) No offline raiding and no raiding until lvl 60. Community activities such as an arena for pvp and boss battles for loot, a tower of champions, and random raidable bases scattered throughout the map. Get back to me if you are interested or join ww3 pvp server.