Abyssal bow in the loottable in sinners refuge

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Its possible to get abyssal bow as loot from sinners refuge, but you cant obviously move it or use it. Please remove it from the loot table


I ran sinners refuge 3 or 4 times today because I had heard of the bows didn’t know you could not loot. Bummer.

They obviously messed up the loot tags for Chosen of Asura, as they can drop any bow in the game.

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I have yet to see Reach of the Red Mother, but I have looted Derketo’s Voice several times now. Which is just funny.

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Greetings Exile,

In the future, please consider using the bug template to speed up the investigation.

Can you share with us which game mode or server number you noticed this situation?

Thank you in advance.

Pve-conflict 3052 but it doesnt matter which server or mode I am.

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So on testlive patch notes it says that in the next update the asuras legendary drop is removed so better gather these bows untill the update :slightly_smiling_face:

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