Abyssal Remnant Dungeon Broken

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA NY]

[In the dungeon for the Abyssal Remnant the water triggers that require a bow and arrow striking it to fill the room with water is broken upon walking in to the dungeon room with the water the water automatically fills and empties as if someone was hitting the target and this actually seems to have been going on for well over a month on the official server I am on and 1 private server I was on shortly. This is actually serious issue and should be addressed as it ruins the dungeon mechanics and over all ruins the experience]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.walk in
2.water fills with out the use of a bow
3.water empties with out the use of a bow
4.reach boss and feel as if the dungeon was a boring walkthrough.

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It will continue rising and falling quite a while after some one else has gone through. I have also seen where the Worm does not show up.

Well luckily that didn’t happen to me. But if this is happening to others then clearly it’s busted and not just my experience with my friends.

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@Ignasi I am just curious as this has been going on for well over 2 months is the Funcom staff aware of this? I only ask as this wasn’t first dungeon and this was my second time in the dungeon and I actually brought arrows but forgot a bow but my buddy had the bow but no arrows so we were excited about this and then it really ruined it for us.

I also don’t mean to constantly use the @ system to bug you about stuff. So sorry if I am causing you to have to do extra work.

Unless corrected, I don’t think it is broken. The water trigger is turned on and runs for x amount of time. The dungeon is not instanced, it is an actual map location running realtime with the server you are on. You could conceivably run into someone else in there and get killed in PVE-C or PVP. Have not tested it out though, but may later today. Will report back.

All official unofficial servers run in real time for all players to access everything together. Unlike game’s such as World of Warcraft, Everquest or the new Dauntless, instances do not “load” you in. They exist all in one world on the one server.

What does this mean for you, player A, player B and player C? If you decide to do the instance but player C and their group have just entered 5 minutes before, you are running in on their coat tails. You will see dead mobs and triggered traps, puzzles and fancy-shmancy move-abouts. This leads to unavailable boss mobs, empty chests, rising/lowering waterworks, half-cleared rooms, etc. Player B might want to visit the same instance too. They join in and run through, killing you and catching up to player C who is battling the Sewer Abomination (making this up). Player B hides in the corner, shoots a couple arrows, waits until the boss dies, slaughters player C and takes their prize. Is this possible? Looting their loot, reading whatever is in the room and leaving? You bet! Now, you finally make it back in, heavy breathing to find the boss is not there, pool is full aaaaand… Wow… This sucks.

The server is indeed on a server wide timer. The busier the server, the more it sucks! Players can sit and camp some places. Especially the new content! Groups will immediately try to roll in one right after another or just pack in right where the boss is so that they can “get it done” which for players who want immersion means the instance is fully locked down for hours or even days.

Hey @SabunoHakia

We’ve sent note to QA to check if there’s a possible issue with that puzzle, but we’re inclined to believe it might be the situation @WhatMightHaveBeen and @CynnaMonkey are suggesting. If your server is populated enough, that is one of the zones we suspect would have a busy enough traffic to warrant this behavior you’re reporting. Just in case though, we’ve sent note to see if there could be an issue we’re overlooking.
Thanks for your feedback.

No when arrived the boss was there my actual complaint was that the trigger mechanism is busted causing the water to increase and decrease with out the use of the bow to trigger the mechanism. @Ignasi I was just agreeing with the guy unusual didn’t see the boss but I forgot about the dungeon not being a private instance. I can record a video of it and send it somehow to this form later tonight as I am sure it’s still broken and I’ll be there today anyway.

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We’ve sent note to our team about this and they’ve confirmed this is intended. Puzzle is to be solved once per server restart per design.
Hope that cleared it out :slight_smile:

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Yes it did but at the same time I am kind of bummed out about that design choice at the same time however thank you very much for going out of your way to do that for me. I really appreciate it.


@SabunoHakia Hey you’re question has gotten a answer to a Question people wondered about but didn’t ask. Thanks.


No problem asking Is the best way to find out and @Ignasi is a great staff member. So hopefully this helps everyone in the future who goes there.


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