The Abysmal boss in the dregs issues and tweaks

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA NY]

I can’t recall if it was the second or third triggered mechanism of the dungeon however I only had to trigger 1 mechanism and then sit and wait and as the water rose and and descend I well take a look…

I am under the water no breathing meter bar and it did not cause me to float or a buoyancy effect the moment I moved however after causes the breathing bar to come back and the buoyancy effect. This should be looked at.

As far as the trigger mechanisms go it should have to be triggered everytime to get access to the boss fight as this is a fun and unique experience for first time players it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE then first time I actually got to do it but doing it once causes it to stay on effect until the next day which I GOT TO DO IT AGAIN! THIS WAS A BLAST. As everytime prior I never got to and it ruined the dungeon as a whole and while a lot will say that my idea of it resetting every boss spawn would be fun yes you have to bring a bow. Yes you have to carry arrows oh lord so much weight taken. We all know people usually spec for full encumbrance anyway.

This is a dungeon remember and should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all. This isn’t a RP game I know but to the people only in it for PvP I don’t think you would visit it much anyway. As the food effect has a decay time now. For people who play the game for the actual gameplay/story/rp aspect this would improve RP servers greatly and would not affect the PvP aspect much anyway as it is. I believe this is something the Funcom team should seriously consider as I have seen a lot of poor choices this was the biggest with me.

A lot of people also keep posting this as a bug and a glitch and issue and it either needs to be stated out right or fixed to work as people have figured it would work, everytime you enter you MUST TRIGGER IT.
Clearly the community thought it was broken again reason why this was a mistake.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.trigger mechanism
2.stand still, don’t move
3.become poseidon, laugh at mortals of the wastes.
4.move everything returns to normal
5. Just fix trigger mechanisms to work everytime you enter with each boss respawn.

A side note there is every thing need to make a bow and arrows in the dungeon it sorta guides you.

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I didn’t know that, good info.

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Hey @SabunoHakia

Relaying the info about the breathable water to our team.
Thanks for your feedback.

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