PC/MP BUG Dregs Boss - Disappearing/Not Diving

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Dregs]

Upon entering the boss room he behaved normal. His first dive hit me though his animation had not shown him exiting the water. So the strike happened before he visually came out. There was a couple of seconds of lag between animation and action. He was not visible to the other party members.

This continued, he would dive and upon exiting, his strike had hit the tank several seconds before the animation. The boss was only visible to one party member at a time. First I could see him, then my buddy could see him and not me.

Finally, he started spitting acid and would no longer dive. This continued for about 10 minutes and we finally just left. Major bummer. Not sure how to reproduce it. We’re playing on a 10 man private server rented from your official partner.

Had this too… pretty annoying, died, but this only happens when the servers are crowded, laggy, busy

This is a private server with just me and one other guy playing on it. Maybe the hardware was overloaded from the other installs also on it. If it continues to happen then maybe I’ll contact the people we rent the server from. Thanks

I see yeah probably like that, I play on an official server and there it happens like described above.

Hope they can fix the speed of your server but I’m afraid this problem may always occur from time to time :confused: