[Co-op] Dreg boss doesn't perform slam

Hello, as the title says,

The boss in the dreg in co-op with a friend doesn’t perform his ability where he after he dove into his bath smacks his body on the floor for us to go and hit him, on top of that, he managed to move himself until his body was out of the bath or on the edge of it, leaving his animations to clip through the ground, missing his ground-aoe spit attack, making it look like he has a bad cold and is simply sneezing it off in a weird direction.

I hope the report helps, keep up the amazing work!

Edit: this was on testlive

I have seen the same thing happen on testlive as well. After a few attempted strikes, the Dregs creature was able to clip through the acid pool and get stuck on the floor around it.

Edit: Added picture.

Oh thank you,

I should remember to take a picture next time I do a bug report, it helps!

Our new Server started on the 2.2.18 and so far we killed the boss one time and experienced an other issue, 4 people 3 with bows and 1 with sword, the worm never came out of his poison soup. We could manage to kill him finally. We will kill him couple times next week and keep you uptodate.