Abyssal Rhino turning against me?

I made an abyssal rhino mount on PvE and it randomly started attacking my thralls? Is that part of what abyssal mounts are supposed to do eventually or is this a bug?? Cause I was super proud of getting that and now it’s dead… I don’t even feel like making another now cause it’s just gonna either murder me/my thralls or die to my thralls…

Please help!!

(Also I do not use mods (don’t even know how to), so that’s not a cause.)

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Abyssall summonings will turn hostile if u stay a long time away /or not in following mode… This is intended behavior


They are demons and demons are not trustworthy.


Thanks for the input have not dabbled in sorcery 8

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Thank you! I did not know about this. But is there any reason to make them if they’re gonna turn against you anyways?

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Same! I’m just learning it, but seems like most sorcery stuff isn’t really worth it at the moment… hopefully someone can prove me wrong on that statement.

I waiting to learn on our private server then use on official. I know several people on our server are using.magic I just not in a hurry.

the best aspect this update has is the illusion system they introduced (its a game changer) and the personall teleporters! (which they rock)

also the move object addition (which is also a fantastic one)
and i personally love the new build system (would prefer it to work without the hammer though) it turns all things in materials so u do not need to have chests with loads of building pieces…and whoever though the delete option in build mode is a freaking genius! was much needed…

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