Abyssal Horse & Rhino attacking...?

I see a pretty nice bug regarding the Abyssal mounts. They do not have an inventory to feed them and they will randomly start attacking at a certain point? Will there be a fix for this? A timer? Something???

noticed this too… probably they just unfinished yet
and i wonder why the heck my demon start killing abyssal horse for no reason lol))

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The same, my guards killed my Abyssal mount just after i finished its leveling… Suddenly aggroed and - all. Sad and stupid to waste time and resources for so short joy. Hope this will be fixed.

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Are you sure it didn’t just decay? The mount i had only lasted about 15 minutes

From what I’ve seen and sort of tested in the testlive build, the demon followers will turn against you after a certain amount of time while following you if you haven’t killed anything recently, sort of like an insatiable mechanic on weapons but with the followers instead.

I think they’re on a timer in general but I summoned one demon and never had them follow me but they stayed guarding for a couple days at least but another one I summoned lasted maybe 30 minutes and stopped following and became hostile in the middle of a long boss fight which I assume is because I hadn’t killed anything for like 15 minutes at that point.

It sort of makes sense given how cheap the summons are and also the fact they don’t count as a follower so they are always +1 over your follower cap but it could use some explanation in game. So only summon one when you know you’re about to go to town murdering enemies.

As for horses and rhinos that normally don’t attack ,I think that might be a bug because even regular horses and rhinos are responding to commands.


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