Question on demon summons and abyssal mounts

How can you tell how much time is left on a mount or summon before it tries to kill you? Also, I summoned a demon Rhino and when I went into combat with it, it didn’t take any damage. Was that a bug or were abyssal mounts changed?

Probably 10 mins of idle time…
I wonder this too, what is the point to have demon follower (i mean you can lvl it up as normal thrall), if he gonna turn against you anyway?
I managed to keep him busy by killing respawning rocknose near the base btw… he lasted couple of days

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So if I am going to log off for a day it’s best to probably kill it and harvest the demon blood?

I’m a bit unclear on the specifics myself. Not really sure how the timer works. Mainly just been making sure I park em somewhere that they’ll be easily disposed of should the timer run out.

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:point_up_2:This. I remember mounting a horse (abysal) , made a huge ride (about 30+) minutes and returned to my base! After awhile, i cannot remember the time, my thralls killed it. Then another day, i fixed a horse i stopped to answer a business call without mounting it and before the call ended i witness again my guards killing it. So these timers i assume has to do with the usage of the mount!
I assume, not 100% sure!

Around 10 mins basic until they go nuts havnt tested yet but might do later just to get a baseline, adds time evrytime you kill something probably based on the hp value of what you kill, couple mins for medium creatures similar to the hammer or armour.

No way to see the current timer, and 99% sure the timer cant go over the base time, so 10 mins idle ish.

The demons are quite good, as are the horses i use them quite a lot but wish the idle timer was a bit longer, hour maybe and a timer would be helpful but i can see why not as a lore based risk of summoning otherworldly entities.

Horses used to allow you to stay mounted after timer, but i think this is now patched and forces dismount, unless bugged

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This exactly! Actually all your post is giving precious info since i fixed these things just to fix them, i didn’t really paid attention to them! So thanks a million @2cents :+1:t6:. I believe a timer to these creatures would help us to figure out how we keep them alive and work for us! Yet we will drop to the sandbox game loop to reveal secrets of these creatures only by giving them the proper attention!
There for…
We have so start searching for what food gives them extra life, if food affects this situation!
What actions we must make to keep them more with our side…
Does our corruption help? If we are sorcerers do they feel more warm with us?
A lot to find out and test i guess and surely just a plain timer, don’t you think?

So what is the point to have demon follower and lvl him up to 20, if he gonna turn on you anyway?
BTW i manage to keep demon behave couple of days by killing rocknoses… just put him on guard outside the base near the mob spawnpoint
But sadly once rocknose got killed by some1 else this freak come at me across the map lol)))

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Because i still search for an answer to a hint we took before the sorcery update arrived!
“sorcery will give you benefits at the time passes”… I still didn’t find any benefits from being full time sorcerer! Yet it’s not a riddle, we need to dig more in to anything we’ve got!

i mean more technical part…
i get why zombies are temporary (20 lvl at start, quick, cheap to get, multiple followers)
but why are the demons (which are technically supposed to be regular thralls - they eat, they lvl up) - are temporary? hmmm…

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Exactly, i have the same feeling like yours! There is a secret under this, don’t you think?

I believe they were meant as an additonal temp follower that was in addition to follower limit to go along with your zombie army, not useable with human followers, this isnt possible when i tried it.

They level at a silly rate, so yes they have to leveled up but you can fo that in a couple mins to level 20.
I find there rock throw particularly good.
Corruption effects work on them normally. Not found food effects and there perks seem to be the +3/5 or plus 1 all.
Normally load with brimstone.

Potentially think the leveling is balance so you cant just keep summoning full strength demons when your base defending, be a little bit OP with the rock throw.

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Lore reasons. Demonic minions will eventually turn against their masters, no matter how powerful. Thugra-Khotan says hi.

I get it, so why is this even possible to lvl them up?
i mean, what is the point of lvling them up then?

I wish there was a way to use expensive materials to ensure undying loyalty. Essentially upgrading them to never expire.

I just wish there was something obvious (or more obvious in the description if it already implies this) that it will turn on you and any thralls. I didn’t know this and decided to park it in my clans base while I ran out. Only for a clanmate to tell me that it was killing pets that were next to it. I lost a greater island Lynx to had just tamed to it before I could get back and kill it myself.

Maybe they were meant for PvP purposes? Like, raids. You go to an ennemy’s base with your demon horse, and fight until death. During the fight, it does not matter if the horse dies along with you, because it is a disposable mount, different from the one you would take to explore or farm. It could also be used as bait just before an attack.
I don’t know, I can’t help but think of PvP raids with my PvE formated brain. :upside_down_face:

Advantage of demon follower that it gain lvls with speed of light.

Disadvantage - you don’t have any timer or visual indicators when he will gone wild, and THAT sucks.

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Thanks a million for this reply. I will surely have to create a session with sorcery build and demons one day.
Actually i am thinking to implement anything the age of sorcery brought.
What puzzles me is how i will manage to gather anything sorcery needs without other weapons than the sorcery ones. Maybe the answer i am looking for is the golems after all.
Thank you for the inspiration @sgtViveron :smiley:.