How long do demon horses last for?

Hello Exiles

So I was excited to spawn in the demon horse today for the first time. I was amazed by it, it looks awesome by the way.

So anyway, I was so excited that I ran up to the top of our base to get my clan mate and show her, but, by the time we came back down - 5 minutes in total - the horse had died.

Is this correct? Are they only meant to last 5 minutes?

Bit disappointed. Should last an hour in my opinion.

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Summoned demons will go hostile after a while if you’re not killing stuff with them. I think what happened is your demon horse was killed by thralls defending your base.

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Oh really? Man, what jerks! That’s it, I’m docking their pay for a week. Buttheads.

Just curious, what advantage does a demon horse have? They have super low health and can’t level up. Is it a pvp exclusive thing?

No need to dock their pay , if you let your horse on "guard mode " for 10 min , it will become an npc and you won’t be able to mount it after. Since it’s a horse it won’t attack anything , but since same mechanism happens with the demons you can summon , the demons become hostile !

They actually lvl up really really fast to compensate the fact that they are temporary .

As long as you use them , have them following you , they’ll maintain their " thrall attitude " , but once left on guard or wandering for more than 9min59s :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

Oh yes, I remembered, they level up, but no stats gain - at least in my SP game that is.

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