Is there a way to stop your abyssal mounts from dissapearing?

They keep dying after a certain time period?

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they’re designed to vanish after a period of time.

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But why do they have to vanish over a period of time?, why can’t we have a way to keep them permanantely either requiring a fragment of power or something else.

Because they love the Abyss and get homesick.


because they don’t want people in horses, its why they nerfed them so hard to make them nearly useless aside from a transport method.

the HP they have is a freacking joke as well, in 2 hits of a random npc and they are dead XD

im questioning why anyone would use these mounts, from what I understand having played the build, i have to sacrifice a human thrall on a bench, bottle the blood to make sacrificial blood, hunt a demon for demon blood, and then add 10 bones or 5 horns depending on which of the two mounts i want, and thats for a temporary mount? why wouldent i just go get a baby rhino or foal? there perment and i can level them more safely as im not in a rush, which makes them a far far better option

if there worried about them being to strong or to easy to aquire, prehaps change the recipe, swap bones for a foal and horns for a rhino calf, then make the mount a endless summon

id also reccomend that they perhaps just add a spell to summon a temporary one as sometimes you just want a mount and didn’t bring one with you


Funny, here I am with a huge surplus of demon blood and bones with no idea what to do with them, and people are complaining about how these mounts are expensive… I must be doing something wrong :laughing:


im honestly just more confused on the concept of a summon that costs more then a standard all time, even if you have all the materials in the world, why summon 50 horses at level 1, when you can just have 1 horse at level 20? from what I recall the abyss mounts dont require a saddle, but you have to have the station to summon them, so summon station=stable, foal and growth item=mats to summon, and since mounts cant be greater, thats jsut a plant fiber, is it ment to be balanced around time saved to craft the mount?

I feel like im missing something too

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Probably more designed towards PvP than PvE?

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I haven’t had the chance to play with the temporary mounts yet, so that sounds like a valid question to me. How fast do they level compared to normal mounts?

Oh they level very fast, but they sure don’t last long which is why they level fast

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Okay, so they’re mounts that you can:

  • craft from resources you should have in abundance
  • level very fast
  • risk as much as you want because they’re disposable, unlike your main mount

Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal to me. :man_shrugging:

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Well with your mount i.e a living horse

It can take a ton of damage
keeps its levels
Doesn’t dissapear on you after a certain amount of time

Also who has demon blood in abundance?

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I do. All the freaking time.


How? lol although I mean even with all this demon blood the mounts are still unreliable as they can dissapear at anytime potentially leaving you stranded on the other side of the map compared to an actual mount, I mean sure the demonic mounts do look cool but I prefer reliable

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Then demons aren’t for you. It’s part of the design to be unreliable; they’re literally demons. The Abyssal horses are great for a one way trip somewhere, or a prolonged fighting adventure as killing things with it following refills the timer

They’re not meant for anyone if thats the case and they’re not exactly demon steed/rhino, thats just the summoned monkey demon, why would anyone ever choose for a one way mount?

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if keeping them summoned requires killing things with them following that would imply its a combat mount, that doesnt seem to be the case as its no better then a normal horse or rhino from what ive seen, additionally the only way that a one way trip makes sense to me is if you have a secondary base where you can summon another, otherwise you would have to walk back, you could argue to summon one at your secondary bases or outposts to ride back to your main base, but later on you would be able to use the new portals so that doesnt make sense in terms of long-term to me at least, even disreguarding storing resources so you can always summon a mount when you need to, if you need to be at your base to summon it, this is the same as having a non abyss mount except no matter where your going it will strand you there and you’ll need to walk to your nearest base to transport thigns back, its not sutible as a pack mule either since it doesnt leave a corpse, could somone leave some examples of reasons you’d make a one way trip? the thigns coming to mind for me are all two way trips like thrall collecting, resource gathering, and dungeon clearing

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You want a permenant horse or rhino mount? No problem go find one and tame it in the normal way… you want a permenant undead mount? No problem theres going to be several variations available from the battle pass.

The abyssal mounts, like the weapons and the armour are temporary because its a spell and spells dont last forever :wink: