Is there a way to stop your abyssal mounts from dissapearing?

Get yourself a black blood pick (or an obsidian pick). Slap an advanced tool upgrade on it. Then go kill any of the following and harvest it with a pick:

  • giant spider boss: easy to kill, yields around 30 demon blood
  • giant snake boss: dangerous, but yields close to 100
  • any giant king (e.g. Barrow Kind, Warmaker’s Adjutant): not too hard to kill, yields around 60 demon blood
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I did manage to do a round trip on one earlier. Granted it was a short trip. I wouldnt object to having their duration increased slightly given the time cost associated with summoning but I dont see a need for them to be made permanent.

Well I struggle with the giant snake boss, they hurt.
Rather not fight a giant spider, looks dangerous asf
Haven’t tried a giant king

Well thats entirely subjective, the point is why waste resources on summoning when you can get something permanent? I don’t know why you guys are justifying a temporary mount, do you want to be a cool sorcerer being able to keep your things or not? Its literally no different than a regular mount just far less reliable.

Level a thrall with high survival and decent health pool, give them the best armor you can, get yourself some venom-infused daggers (or feroxic, if you can get them) and a good shield, and then go to town. The idea is for snake to focus on the thrall while you stack bleeds and poisons on the snake. If the snake switches to you, switch to the shield and put it up until the snake focuses on the thrall again.

But you don’t need to do the snake bosses to have a whole bunch of demon blood. Killing the 3 giant kings inside the Warmaker’s Sanctuary will get you plenty.

Wait, you haven’t even tried fighting a giant spider yet? Those are the easiest world bosses ever. All their moves are so telegraphed that you can fight them naked with stone daggers and come out without a scratch.

I don’t recommend doing it literally naked and with stone daggers, because it’s boring af. I did it once and it took me like half an hour :laughing:

Anyway, giant spiders are the safest way to get decent quantities of demon blood.

Literally no different?


I can spot a few important differences in this thread.

Thats a fair comment and to be honest I think it just boils down to perspective. I dont think of it as a mount i think of it as a spell but thats the D&D player in me, if you’ve not played D&D I can understand why you see it differently. Also I suspect Im probably a fair bit older than you and that probably plays a hand in it too.

Also if anyone is struggling for demon blood come see me ive got cupboards and cupboards of it and you’d be doing me a favour taking it off my hands. Seriously though dont need to even kill big bosses just the 1 skull wolves near Asgard or even the hyenas or rock donkeys in the desert will give you all the demon blood youll ever need.

Rock donkeys? you mean rocknoses right? lol.


“multiply resource gathering by how much??” yes.

Yeah I only got like 20-30 demon blood from the spider wasn’t alot

If that was a question about server settings, then the answer is: I’m playing on an official server :wink:

Yep, just like I said above :slight_smile:

That’s the tradeoff: if you want to play it safe, you get lower yields. There are several spider bosses across the map. There’s the one south of the Sinkhole, of course, but there are others, inside caverns or in the open. The Silkwood spawns 2 at the same time.

If you want higher yield, you need to either kill the 3-skull giant snakes, or go have fun with the giant kings. The Barrow King is, IMHO, easier, but he’s just one. Warmaker’s Sanctuary has 3, so you can get around 180 demon blood in a relatively short time.

Or you can ride around the map looking for elite creatures. Each wildlife spawn has a 2% chance to spawn an elite, and those give a fair amount of demon blood.

In short, demon blood is easy to get once you learn how to get it :slight_smile:

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This is what JohnBane called them way back in the early days and it stuck with me :rofl:

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Once you do, you will be suffering of no empty space on your base

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In 3.0, more enemies drop it. Practically drowning in the stuff

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But that’s not fair! What about all the effort I put into learning how to do stuff more efficiently? Now all that effort is wasted! Funcom is killing this game by driving away people like me :crazy_face:

(sorry, I’m in a weird mood this morning)



Same here…

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it was a joke, try to be less aggressive and more receptive

Dude, what’s aggressive about answering what looked like a question? I even used a smiley. Sorry for not understanding the joke, sheesh.

So…some questions.

  1. At level 20 are these mounts statistically much stronger than normal ones?

  2. Are they faster than normal ones?

  3. Is there any singular benefit they have, over a normal one, beyond the fast leveling?

It seems to me, if they aren’t faster, if they can still be killed, if they aren’t statistical behemoths…why exactly can’t they be permanent? Since it just sounds like they are temporary cosmetic fluff.

I mean, the Abyssal Armor is summoned, but it has more form/functionality so I can understand it being a temporary thing.