Abyssal steeds are useless? need to be permanent

I thought the abyssal steed was quite cool until I saw its gone after 10 mins and it has no health, inventory and cant level, what’s the point in it. I thought it was a cool alternative way to get a horse with more resource investment but less time investment.

So - its a 10 minute decoration?

It’s for temporary travel, not a permanent follower. Every time you kill something the timer goes up, so you need to keep killing to keep using.

Demons of all forms are temporary


ah that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

So yeah, they are essentially useless


No, it’s a free temporary travel to get to a specific destination without taming a horse. E.g. to get back to a raid quickly after dying.

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Conan Exiles equivalent of Skyrim’s Arvak. Get you from point a to point b and look pretty.

I’ve gotten plenty of use out of them. Smack a few deer or hyenas on a longer ride to keep going. Cheap, and the no saddle is a big thing for me.

Useless if you require the utility of the mount (inventory, camp and leave it there when going into dungeon, etc).

Certainly not free if it requires reagents. A saddle might be cheaper and foals are also free.

It does have a show off value… and that’s it.

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