Abyssal "temporary" mounts

So i just figured out my abyssal mount is temporary which seems very useless for the amount of time

isnt it better if each character/person can have one of each max?

Because i found this extremely unfortunate considering i was super hyped about it

Ps dont spoil me but im genuinely hoping anything else im expecting from the summoning circle will be temporary because this is lowkey heartbreaking imo

Thank you for reading!

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Afaik, the weapons and armour are temporary. I didn’t know the mounts were temporary, too. I have bad news on the Demon companion you can summon; he’s temporary in the sense that he’ll eventually just go berserk and stop being an ally. It’s all temporary; ashes to ashes, dust to dust ;-;

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All demonic entities are temporary because they are demonic entities. They are only your ally when you give them what they want, which is death. When you stop killing for them, then your death works for them too.

There is no humans can control demons nonsense in the Conan universe.


Hey yall thanks for the replies

Very unfortunate u would think at the LEAST when you keep improving your sorcery u would be able to make them stay like as final level sorcery because why put in effort in creating these awesome creatures and mounts just for it to be there for like a minute you knkw what i mean

I hope they will atleast bring some way of being able to keep the demons as i find the isle of siptah lacking in the thrall/pet department

Thank you for letting me know tho!

They are demons.

Demons are not your friends.

Demons are not your pets.

Demons make pacts with humans, and turn against them when they fail to uphold their end.

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Well since u are a powerful sorcerer i would assume u can enslave a demon fellow exile

Where do you think your power comes from?

Humans do not possess powers. Sorcerers gain their powers from other entities that lend their powers to them.

My friend you are taking this a little to serious

It was but a request in a game not me trying to posses real life demons haha

But thank you for the info!


I’m not talking about real life demons, I’m talking about established lore.

Demons are not pets in the Conan universe.


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