My summoned Demon turned against me?

Don’t know if this is intentional after a certain time relapse or if I remove corruption but my own Demon attacked me

Intentional. Demons are meant to be temporary and untrustworthy. Good for a temporary cheap ally, but not for long


“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”. Goes double for demons.

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Is it intended tho? I can’t seem to find information about that in patch notes.

It IS a demon, so my guess would be yes.

Yeah, the one I had did that as well. I believe it’s intentional because, you know, demon. :wink:

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I swear this sounds like a Conan story from the dark horse graphic novels. :thinking:

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I mean yeah I know “Demon” but I’m a corrupted sorcerer kinda thing that could simply kick its ass, I figured yano mine :L have an army of demons or something lol

Nah, this is Conan. Demons don’t belong to humans and can’t be controlled. You can make deals with them, but they aren’t your friends.

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Exactly. Wak made a test on it and it takes 10 minutes for your demon to turn hostile if you don’t keep it n combat and happy.

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