Wandering Demon NPC,S

How about some wandering Ultra hard to kill demon NPC,S that drop Legendary items. Instead of some of the demonic animals.

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Do you mean like a Corrtupted Human Sestus, or an actual demon? Either way sounds very interesting. A Corrupted Human/Warrior who looks all twisted and horriific sounds cool, and would be cool looking to behold.

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Yes u got the idea.

I could definately be in for that. If we have corrupted animals in the lore, why not corrupted humans I say? They could be horrid, hulking looking things, which hit hard and are immune to stun, knockback, etc. I know @WhatMightHaveBeen especially, and @zerog like a hearty challenge. We could try to summon them here.

Something horrible with an Edward Hyde feel to it would be nice. :smiling_imp:

The question is if you make named NPC’s Corrupted can you still knock them out? Would be a shame to have the one NPC you’ve been hunting for turn out to be corrupted and not be able to hit them with the friend stick.

I do like the idea, just want to be clear on how it would be implemented.

  1. It should not take a named NPC out of the thrall option.
  2. It should be totally random just like the corrupted animals.
  3. They should have some awesome loot. NO POTIONS OF NATURAL LEARNING!
  4. Glowing Red Eyes you know instead of Blue so we know they are not Corrupted animals. :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. If you knock out a corrupted named npc they should have a sweet weapon when they come out of the wheel. Maybe something you can only get that way. :wink:

That is my list. Thanks for reading.

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In Conan Lore Imp are actually corrupted human.

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And what comes out of the orgies between Lemurians and Gorillas? Thought the imps were that.

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