Corrupted Wolf. Or WTH WAS THAT THING

I would rather fight 3 sand reaper queens. At the same time.

Give me 3 unnamed city bosses!

2 Yeti.

3 Thunderfoots and a king rhino.

5 white tigers.

I guess what I am trying to convey here is that corrupted wolf that appears randomly must be the manifestation of every god in the game because I would fight droves of everything else.

But that 1 skull wolf. Something is really wrong with that thing.

Horribly horribly wrong.


I would not fight as many as you of those things you mention, but when i see that ill-colored wolf, I’ll climb a rock and take out a bow rather than fight it in melee…
The damage output of the corrupted wolf is massive.


Lol, I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve died to a mob in this game in the last year, but that thing killed me so fast it was amazing. I had my T4 bearer with an old style Crom blade following, and when I got back to my body, the wolf was till fighting him. It was kind of fun actually, to have a challenge finally in the game.


I’ve posted about this before. I swear the gorram thing is broken. How a mob can be rated 1-skull yet hit with the power of a 3-skull–and that be okay–is beyond me. People talk about “oh, it’s nice to have a challenge lol”, but c’mon. Seriously. The damn thing is broken. Give it the 3-skull rating it deserves & call it a day.


Oddly. This os exactly whay happened to me this morning. There I am
Minding my own business. Picking false mandrake to make purple dye.

The next thing I know I get the bedroll or bed prompt asking me where id like to go.

Upon my return that evil guardian of Hades is still plugging away at Pelor (my in game husband) also with a Crom Blade. And the thing was still alive and attacking him.

Most other things die quick enough. But not this thing.

And all it game me was wolf hide.


This thing is 4 skulls.

The only thing that could probably be more powerful would be a Canadian Goose. Cuz geese are awful.


The first time I encountered it, I was running solo with my Greater Bear pet. This thing was a literal tank. It took on 2 sabercats & a mammoth by itself and walked away. Hurt, yes, but alive. The Corrupted Wolf ATE IT LIKE IT WAS NOTHING.

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The corrupted sabertooth is pretty badass itself but I never noticed how many skulls it has. It’s also much rarer to meet than the wolf.

Think I’d like to see a cage match between a white tiger and half child of dagon.

DĂ©pends on where you go.
I have encountered more of thèses bad boys than the nasty corrupted wolf and both are A HUGE PAIN to deal with i agree.
I’m fine with that but it can be problematic when you’re still in mid-game or when it ambushes you while you’re fighting other badies.
At least when you have the chance to spot one before he does, you know you’re up for a good fight :smiley: .

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Wolves in general have high health and damage. So take that… rrrr wolf who just got out of washing machine, rolled around in lint trap… and ummm. did some voodoo. (them eyeballs…)

There fairly nasty. And creepy as hell.

On PS4, they and wolves in general do not load properly at 1st, so you often see there LOD version… and they slowly load in as there hitting you. Its scary as hell. Crazy Demon Fuzzy Puppy that turns into stretch skinned monster. XD

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I was dead before I knew what hit me. Was like…what in the blazes.

Then I got back to my bed. Put on my Turanian Medium armor. Grabbed enough ammo to take down a T-Rex.

Good ol Pelor. He whacked the thing down finally.


I’ve fallen victim to that sucker a couple times, but finally figured out the easy way to take care of it. Just fight it around a boulder, which prevents it from leaping and knocking you down. I attack, back off, attack, back off, etc., all while hugging the boulder. It’s actually easier to deal with if you have no thrall, since the thrall will start attacking and may position it out in the open.


Lian and I took on the Rotbranch and laughed. Later met the white demon hellspawn embodiment of all that is wrong in this world and he impaled us on his massive wolf-penis.

Nothing scares me more than hearing the wolf-snap, turning expecting a little gray waste of my time, and staring into the mouth of that long-necked abomination.

I’ve never seen a corrupted sabertooth, but I can tell you right now me and my barbarian courage would nope the hell outta there.


He cleans up my pets regulary you might say xD This is on PVE-c. also killed my dancer and tiger before my stronger guards rekt him.

Had 3 of them at Circle of Swords other day… my poor greater wolf Sasha did not last long, I end up jump off ledge and start running for what ever rocks I could climb on, LOL.

1 is bad enough, 2 is… is frustrating. 3 is, wow… someone wants me dead.


is it really a challenge is the game revolves around abusing thralls? tyr to solo the brother of blood with no thrall, that alone is more than enough for 99% of ppl

The thing is relentless too. I met another one. Climbed a pine tree. And it just stayed there waiting for me to die. Or fall.

I called for backup. I was in a farming build. So I wouldn’t have been a match for it.

It killed Dina the Master Huntress pretty quick.

Luckily I have a fridge full of Dina

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off-topic i know but why do you keep your Dinas in the fridge :ice_cream: does it help them to stay young :smiley:

That’s almost like that scene in the Hobbit. The book, not the film. Or did it make it into the film too? I forget. I did see them, I think. They were just… well. I liked the book better.

Im not sure why. I just put everything in the fridge. I was running around my house all day looking for my pick axe. Finally found it in the fridge.

No rhyme or reason

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