Is the Corrupted Wolf working as intended?

So I run into this sucker on a fairly regular basis near-ish the Mounds of the Dead. He’s a 1-skull mini-boss, theoretically on the same plane as the Dire Wolf or the Elk King. His attacks are, as near as I can tell, identical to those of a regular Wolf or a Dire Wolf. Thing is, this SOB does easily as much damage as a 3-skull legendary boss, and with his attack speed being more on par with a Wolf than the legendary bosses, the overall DPS is insane. I can take other 1-skull bosses. With my Greater Bear pet, I’ve taken on 3-skull legendaries; the Greater Bear comes away pretty well mauled, but alive. The Corrupted Wolf ate my Greater Bear like it was nothing.

If this critter is working as intended, fine. But in my opinion, he’s either stupidly overpowered for a 1-skull, or he was actually intended to be marked with a 3-skull.


Somebody would have to check the dev kit to see the numbers or this guy.
Didn’t care to much about since, saw it in the far while roaming around, but didn’t fight it with any pet right now.
Sure, the regular dire-wolves have become much stronger and deadlier to, so i can imagine that he can go easily bit overboard.

For the record - I love it! I hope they mark it as 3 skull and not nerf.

Does he drop anything special?

I’m sorry about your Greater Bear. Please consider bringing healing arrows next time so you can drop a refreshing cloud while you pull the pet out of danger.

I played with somebody during the TestLive phase who swore a 3-skull wolf aggroed on his settlement and ate everything that moved. If it indeed exists I’d like to test its hit points and damage.

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They are good for a pet cleanup in the world, theyre first attack seems violent and the best. They drop dblood and repair kits.

Just checked. Its a Mini Boss like the larger croc, alpha hyena kappa etc. all with one skull. With endgame gear you can deal with them pretty easy, though. As you point out, the wolf deals much damage so as you need a thrall in heavy armor to tank it. Greater pets have much hitpoints but low armor.
As of all mini bosses, its loot is random but with wolf pelt and demon blood at the most.

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First time I ran into one of these things was a real surprise. I was dealing with a couple normal wolves, taking a little damage in the process but nothing to be concerned about. The next thing I knew I took one hit from behind me that left me with like ten percent of my health left and before I could do anything about it I was dead. I caught a glimpse of the thing that bit me but didn’t realize what it was until I got the message that I was killed by a corrupted wolf.

I really like how strong it is

Yeah , this wolf should be marked as a 3 skull.

I don’t want to see a nerf either , although i mostly just avoid it since i got wrecked once or twice.

Btw , if you want to solo mobs like that , use a named bearer (t4).
They are either bugged or intentionally OP.
9.900 HP - with a cimmerian epic heavy armor or anything along those lines they are almost impossible to die.
The only time i lost a named bearer was when some exploiter russian bugged him from attacking him , while his friend stabbed my guy in the back. ( PVP official )
Also very good damage.
Insanely good companions ,
as long as you manage to get them to hit something and pull aggro -_-

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I take opposition to that. This most recent encounter (the one with the Greater Bear), I was wearing Epic Flawless Kambujan Shaman armor, easily netting me the 4th Strength perk. I’ve fought actual 3-skull legendaries in this. I’ve fought endgame bosses in this. Weapon-wise, I was carrying The Grim; while I’ve not fought other legendary bosses with these, I have successfully used daggers on them before (huge fan of Snakebite). My damage output on the Corrupted Wolf was pathetic, and his bar scarcely moved even with 20 stacked bleeds.

I get that your post was referring to other 1-skull mini-bosses. And I agree–they’re easily manageable. My point is that either this bastich is ridiculously overpowered, or he needs to be given the 3-skull label.

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Yeah, I think the dps is op at this point, since you cannot stun him and his attacks come in much faster most of the time. Even if you know he when he will counter attack you cant put up a shild or doge because you are still in animation. His hitpoints are not the issue, he doesnt take that much. But with a thrall as a tank everything still gets way easier.

I’ve actually had no trouble with Corrupted Wolves as I gear a T3/4 Fighter with a Sword and Board and I do the same for the Classic “Tank and Spank”

Follow-up: I’ve been through the Admin Panel and searched all over the North for anything I might’ve missed. The Corrupted Wolf hits harder and better than almost anything else of its size.


Corrupted Hyena hits harder than King Scorpion. And since wandering monsters can spawn corrupted a corrupted Hyena is a free ticket to have your thralls killed.

A corrupted Croc oneshots me with its greater lunge attack. 440 HP, 67% reduction, bangdead.
The Croc boss deals less damage per hit.


Heard that about the croc. “Hmm I wonder if my Darfari armor is good eno-” chomp :crocodile:

Does the Corrupted Hyena do more than cripple? Speaking of boom, the sundering from the Corrupted Wolf sounded like a five-gun artillery salute.

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Considering that the corrupted hyena can spawn at the noob-river, yes, it may be a real tread for some players having a new base around there, or running in them.

Didn’t spot the wold myself, some approx coords would be helpfull.
But i mean, still highter HP and harder does not mean more fun, not ever more challenge. Sure, some people will still aclaim, and state how the love harder, much bosses, still more and more. But this isn’t good balance after all.
The right challenge brings also lot fun with it, and not a 2 hours hit before kill.

But like said, i didn’t run in the wold right now, looked for it while roaming around the mounds, then went to other stuff after a while.

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As with all the new corrupted version it’s a chance of a respawned animal as a corrupted version instead of an ordinary animal…so the corrupted wolf can spawn anywhere where an ordinary wolf can …
I first ran into one as one of two wolves which spawn in the highlands in F9 between Desertwatch camp and the lake below it going down the hill towards New Asgarath. I could tell from a distance there was difference between the two from the fur so pulled the strange looking one with a bow … BIG mistake … one hit 3/4 health gone … he then proceeded to chase me as I sprinted back towards home … finally mobbing me with other wolves about half-way home.
the other time I encountered one was when I was dragging Freya to her new home … middle of G9 on the flat between the hills leading to Freya and the lake at The Breach. Again one lunge hit took me down to less than half health. I continued to run and zig-zag hoping to avoid being caught by the wolf lunging first attack long enough to get in range of my thralls at my base … but alas he got me again before I could heal up to survive it and just out of aggro-range of my own wolves.
I think what makes him so deadly is the attack pattern of the wolves amplified with his increased damage… that they stop out of our melee range to line up a lunging knockback damage hit and follow it up with a fast second bite is pretty deadly coming from him…if he can land that then your gone.

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if I am not specced for fighting then it is



pretty much that’s what I did when I figured out how tough the corrupted wolf was … the first corrupted creature I had encountered was the corrupted wolf so I was seeing how strong he was …
second one I knew I couldn’t take on (encumbrance build, thrall en-tow that some others on the server had assisted me in catching …risky running around I know) … and I failed to stay far enough away from his pathing so he aggro’d onto me … and I didn’t zig-zag enough as I was sprinting away to avoid the lunge-knockback he used … mmm need eyes in the back of my head …

mainly my story was to let Vattende know that the corrupted wolf is not a set spawn point … but like the crocs, shalebacks, hyenas etc … any respawn of these have a chance to be corrupted … makes us keep our eyes open as we run around and not get complacent.