Question of the Week: What enemy do you most fear bumping into? Conversely, is there an enemy you enjoy fighting?

Monsters, humans, animals, whatever they are, they want to see you dead. The Exiles Lands are fearsome for a reason! But who or what have you stumbled across or lost in a fight to that made you say, “never again”? It could be for looks alone, coughspiderscough, or pure combat ferocity.

On the other hand, what gives you joy in slaying? Or is there a particular enemy design that you find appealing or interesting? Dragons can be a tough battle but damn do they look cool kicking your butt…

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@Halk - That is so true. When enemies are tethered to a location, never roam around, never patrol, and are always spawning in the exact same spot, you can either avoid them or set up farming pens around the spot they spawn.

I would say world bosses, but their HP is so high that a 30 minute repetitive fight is not fun. I wish world bosses had improved fight mechanics (not one shot kills, but different combat maneuvers and abilities more than they have now).

Ultimately, I enjoy human purges. I don’t care for animal purges, but the human purge fights are the most fun for me. Only, I don’t “bump” into them so much as they “bump” into me. So if we had some bands of humans roaming the lands, that would be the most fun. But so far, the best of that type is a loan Darfari scouting around (which is cool, but even Darfari need friends). :wink:


Corrupted Wolf…
Maybe it’s not the stronger but damn, if i see one i rather run away than fight.

I mainly enjoy fighting other human NPCs, they have a fair amount of HP, in group they are dangerous and they have some different tactics than spaming the same attack over and over.

I also enjoy the fight with giant crocodile, it’s kinda tedious because it’s a boss and has tons of HP, thralls kill it without problem though, but i like how it deals different kind of attacks depending the situation. In a solo server i modified the values of damage and defense both of the NPCs and my self to have a fair battle 1v1 against it and it was really fun, even with a nerfed thrall, the problem with those values is that the rest of the NPCs die in 1 or 2 hits, so its not really an overall great experience.


Anytime I see a white wolf I run like heck in the opposite direction…they always kick my bootie! I do, however, like fighting the big boss crocs, they are a challenge (but not too hard) and I always feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done.


They’re hardly the toughest enemies out there, but ever since I ran into a bunch of glitched hyenas that bit me from like ten feet away, were impossible to fight against because where I saw them and where they actually were were two different things, and then teleported to attack me inside my nearby house when I respawned after they killed me, I’ve pretty much started avoiding those jerks whenever possible.

My favorite guys to fight, ehh, probably imps 'cause they go down so easy. What can I say, I’m in this game more for exploration and building than fighting.

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The Champion, or thrall killer.

Snakes! F’N, bloody giant snakes!


Depends on were I’m…

End Game? I can’t stand Hyenas…I can 1shot them, and they chase forever when you try and avoid them… So bored of them, and hate there new AI that basiclly says walk super far out of way to avoid them… or forced to fight so many of them. I don’t even need hides or meat end game… wish they would go away.

I think Mammoths win over-all… Just for being so aggressive… and constantly getting stuck under them… And there so fudging many of them in some spots…

I get why people hate them… but man, I love these guys. Just right amount of “MUNCH!” when they hit you like a dump truck, and just right eye glow in dark that screams
“Swallow your soul! Swallow your soul!”

There something about roaming about dark… hearing wolves, and then seeing them eyes staring back in dark. XD
Its time to start running!

I’m not sure I enjoy fighting much of anything…?

Black Keep Boss and some of new ones, have that Dark Souls feel. There some of best.
NPC kinda come close 2nd.
Only so many times you can hear “steel and sparks” or w/e it was… or “man flesh”

Or Go tell others to go hang themselves… Sir… your head is rolling down cliff side… WTF.


Generally speaking, raiding villages is my favorite pass time. Sometimes you come out with thralls for the wheel, sometimes you don’t. Would love to see more large settlements.


would take top spot on my run away from list.

The poison on snakes is pretty brutal and I tend to die before I can heal. They aren’t hard to kill, it’s the poison that gets you.

The War Maker and Thag are a fun fight. I love watching the War Maker get angry and transform.

The Arena Champion, she’s scary. The one shot kill I can live without.

I like fighting so enjoy random encounters as much as planned ones.

Have run into the undead dragon in the river out the front of the arena before. That was scary stuff. Was insta killed by the snake from the arena in the same spot while out mining rocks.

Horrifying, but lots of fun.

Would like to see that mechanic reintroduced.

We had a Silent Legion purge and he arrived in the last wave. He was different fighting out in the open, more difficult than in his room in the Black Keep. It was hard to get to him as so many silent legion warriors were around him and they were tough to dispatch.


These give me the creeps! :woozy_face: :cold_face:

Corrupted Wolf - I see this thing and I squirm and start stamping my feet on the floor! :rofl: Have to eventually kill it since it never stops wanting to eat me! :laughing: :star_struck:

Demon or Giant Spider - Gawds…AHHHHHHH :crazy_face: :grimacing:

Giant Snakes - I hear that demon majik sound and I start shivering :grimacing:…then they start creeping towards me. AHHHHHHH :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jhils - These things really f-ing creep me out! :grimacing: :laughing: Something about them is just SICK. :face_vomiting: :worried:

There are a few others but I am shivering just thinking of those 4. :crazy_face:


This, but it’s not the giant ones I hate to see. It’s the little ones. They’re so easy to miss! Your aim has to be almost perfect. You get one free attack, and if you miss you get poisoned.

As for which ones I like fighting, it’s a tie between rocknose or any of the cats (eh, maybe not the sabertooths tho). I like using them to test and improve my attack and dodging skills, try to perfect my timing.


I don’t scream but they have startled me more than once.

On the other hand, in singleplayer? Cloak mode + cranked damage multipliers + buried rocknoses + arrows = rocknose rockets. Very fun if you’re easily amused.

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Not as impressive as rhinos or mammoths, but they’ll get some pretty decent air.


No, you are not the only one.


I may not scream out loud, but they manage to startle me every. Bloody. Time. I can look right at the spot where it’s going to jump out and approach it with my weapon out, and despite all that mental preparation, every time the stupid critter goes “Bwrooooonk!” and pops up I’m close to soiling my pants. One day I’ll build over the whole lake in my Single-player mode just to get rid of them.

The giant spiders used to be my nightmare. I’m not arachnophobic, but when a spider is bigger than my house, it’s not exactly irrational to be afraid. I’ve hated house-sized spiders ever since the final boss fight in Blue Byte’s good old Incubation.

I remember trying to go through the Silkwood in nighttime (you can see the gossamer spawns better in the dark and it’s eerily pretty) when running into one of the big ones. Running away from one at top speed is scary enough. Running away from it in the dark even more so. I could see the silhouettes of its front legs on my screen, it was so close to catching me.

Then one day I got to Survival 40 and decided to go fight one of those solo. I beat her without taking any damage. I was so proud of myself. Ever since, I’ve kinda liked fighting them, although I haven’t tried it with the new dodge-roll yet.


I would also say the corrupted sabrecat…

But as I dont farm that much star metal anymore, I dont see them so often.

I am currently searching for that one:

The spider-queen with her AoE corruption attack is also cool. But its not like creatures are wandering around in CE, which is pretty sad.

So what I fear most currently: Probably bumping into several T4/cimmerian berserkers, while farming volcano/mounds of the dead. This 2h-guys hit so hard…

And what I fear the most: This damn 2h-sword skeleton in the wine cellar. His attack brings me to 10% HP from 100 :smiley: At least from the Arena champion, I can get 2 hits. But not from this guy :smiley:


Same as the others, they do still get me every once in a while.

I think I’ve seen one at the bottom of the boundary spillway on the edge of the savannah, but I can’t remember for sure. Definitely check the passage to the Highlands above the crown grove on the west side of King’s Niche. I’m 99% sure I saw one there. It was night time, and that character was low level and decided to run for his life, so I can’t give you 100% confirmation. But tigers are the only thing I’ve seen spawn at that passage, and that one had a skull on its health bar.

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Maybe? It was night time in the game, and that was over a month ago. There could have been 3 skulls instead of 1. @jot29 if I’m wrong about that, I apologize.