Feedback: Demon Followers and Corrupted Authority 3.0.1 PVE


The visual effect on followers that are frenzied from your first tier corrupted authority perk is a little overbearing. The corrupted haze and glowing particles surrounding them does look cool, but it is very distracting and can be a little much at times. Maybe a graphics setting to toggle between full visual effect and a health bar icon would be an idea, or for the effect to only appear when first triggered or something.

Also, Demon followers should definitely not be neutered. Like horses, they should have demon dongs that obey the nudity settings on your client/server. In an ideal world they would flop around like a pc’s and gain the benefits of a charisma buffing potion/food, but I would settle for simply having nude and non-nude meshes, like horse followers. This is assuming demon followers are male. Perhaps a female model mixed in the random summons? Demon schlongs are optional for female models. I have seen a lot of Japanese media related to this, but I don’t know were Conan lore stands on this point. At any rate, the three currently summonable demon followers should have something going on south of the border.


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I can’t say no to that. I remember Lucifer from Dante’s Inferno. That was quite authentic image of a demon, I must say. I think Funcom should put aside puritanical views and give demons proper and mature artistic care, as it should be in Conan franchise.

Agreed! I hope it’s in the works and they have just haven’t mentioned it. I remember back when Conan Exiles was in development they decided to keep the character creator’s “manhood endowment” slider off the announcement radar, and just have it as a surprise when the game was released. Maybe a team of 3D modelling thralls are toiling in the Funcom pits on this very thing as we speak.

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