Suggestion for Demon Lord perk

My current playstyle has me burning through lots of minions on a full corrupted authority build, living and demonic.

It would be awesome if the following line was added to the Demon Lord Perk: In addition, your minions feed off your infernal knowledge, gaining experience twice as fast.

I lose followers. A LOT. Would be awesome to cut the time I waste just leveling them. Also helps a ton for the summoned demon from the circle.

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I totally agree, the demonic horse and warrior should exceed in greater timers. It would be really good to have a perk that allows us greater timers.

Am I understanding this correctly that you’re asking for ALL followers (including normal thralls and pets) to level twice as fast?..

Because demons gain a level every single kill and zombies pop out at max level so it would seem a bit weird if you found either of those slow :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct. I burn through living minions like no tomorrow.

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Perhaps it’s your current playstyle that needs updating, not the game.

If you want to roleplay an evil overlord who sacrifices his minions on a whim, you also need to accept that good helpers are hard to come by these days.

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I believe that @DelRioServerMaster like me, would appreciate some companionship without babysitting and thrall loss.
Ofcurce we have the option of zombie, but it demands npc slaving again. So summoning demons that actually live for a day would be really handy, then again, if they stay alive, if they die on battle, no problem, that’s their job.
It’s about freedom on fights, if you have a thrall you get distracted. This games fighting ability is awesome, fighting free of worries makes it even better.

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I respect your opinion but maintain my stance.

The final perk in corrupted authority is simply inferior in my opinion to both War Party and Well Trained and if I’m giving up one of those I’d at least appreciate an accelerated leveling rate for in exchange for the power trade off. The random demons don’t hit nearly as hard, and unless I’m using daggers don’t reliably spawn in numbers to justify losing the other perks.

Either this, or make the summoned portal demon start at level 20, regardless matter how “quick” it is to level. I’d rather go straight to the frost temple and start killing giants instead of picking off hyenas for 5 minutes to get it to a reasonable level of power.

Oh, I completely agree with this, which is why I didn’t corrupt my Authority all the way to 20.

What I’m saying is, if you’re getting a lot of your minions killed, you’re not treating them right. Getting a good demon isn’t a solution to getting your living underlings slaughtered.

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Follower leveling via combat is questionable idea at best. Followers should gain exp and level up passively if they are not in combat and in range of archery target (archers), training dummy (fighters), stables (pets and mounts). Dancers and bearers can level passively without any special requirements, simply by being put in the world and being idle.


Theres room to make demon and steed summons last an hour, same as the armour and weapons without needing demon lord tbh, the tens mins is sustainable running around like an idiot but an hour wouldnt be game breaking.

Demon lord should at the very least attack enemies only at random, atm the top corrupted authority perk summons a baby demon that lasts a few seconds and is immediately killed by any other minions you might have, also stopping them from attacking your enemies.

Maybe allowing summoning a demon without a circle on the move in addition?

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What are you doing with them? do you give the zombies food so they can heal themselves? bar the Arena Champion they should do very well unless your using level 0 thralls or animals? if the minion your talking about is the summoned demon then as long as you kill something the timer resets that goes with the bow and armour as well.

Padowans… as long as you kill something you can have them all-day lol :slight_smile:

Yes, obviously i know this.

While your raiding a base this becomes problematic , especially with how hard it is to kill a player atm.
Ten mins pvp can easy be over before you know it, which is a shame as i like the demons tbh


Maybe as a thought with demon lord selected what the summoned demons kill also increases the timer?

The top corrupted perks of Authority and Vitality are detrimental.
I’m role playing most and even then these perks backfire too hard to use.

The random demons kill my regular summons.
The corruption explosion makes it impossible to take thralls.


exactly my sentiment. To me, its counterproductive to ANY reasonable playstyle to take the final corrupted authority perk. I have yet to see it demonstrated to be at the very least on par with War Party or Well Trained, let alone be superior in any way to justify the tradeoff.

One of the biggest issues with corrupted authority is losing the taunt. And you lose it first. When you lose the taunt, much of the content in the game becomes very problematic as you become the main target while being very fragile.

There’s ways to mitigate this, but then your build is being pigeonholed a bit.


For pete’s sake I can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier…

FC, could we get the Follower Taunt baked into the first Corrupted Authority perk?


Yes, though the demons are uncontrolled they could be much better in terms of attacking your enemy targets they wander around and attack your zombies.

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Right now the biggest benefit the summoned demons have is the XP they give when you kill them. Thats. It.

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